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Comment Re:well we're f*****d (Score 1, Insightful) 325

So when a climatologist tells me it's a critical piece of understanding the climate, I tend to believe them. I'm not a climatologist, are you?

I know BS when I hear it.

The reason why I believe this is important is because the vast majority of climatologists and other scientists in allied fields tell me so.

Science isn't about voting on truth or building 'consensus'

Why do I believe them? Because they went TO SCHOOL and STUDIED HARD and EARNED LOTS OF DEGREES that I was either unwilling or unable to do.

Why are folks like Roy Spencerattached and insulted for presenting a different view of the data? He studied hard, researched for years, examined the data, and he has very different conclusions.

What this means is if you have doubts about man-made global warming then you don't count because you aren't a climatologist. If you are a climatologist with doubts, then you are a tool of "Big Oil."

Even if I didn't know any of them personally, I put my trust in scientists as a profession: when you think of everything SCIENCE has given us; medical tech, aerospace, agriculture, nukes, yes even the computer you're using, they've got a pretty good record.

You know, I don't know if you're a right winger but I've noticed more and more of them suffering from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE as they find their most highly cherished held beliefs overthrown by the facts. Evolution? Well all Biologists must be wrong! The age of the earth being older than 6000 years? Well all Geologists, Astronomers and Physicists must be wrong! Global Warming? Climatologists, Oceanographers... Hell all of science must be wrong! They're all in cohoots to raise my taxes!

Not relevant.


Submission + - DJB Releases All Source to Public Domain ( 3

A Sage Developer writes: "During a recent conference, Sage Days 6, Dan Bernstein (who has recently come under attack for his licensing policy) was among the invited speakers. During a panel discussion on the future of open source mathematics software, Bernstein declared that all of his past and future code would be released to the public domain (video here). This includes qmail, primegen, and a number of other projects. Given the headache that incompatibility between GPLv3 and GPLv2 is causing developers, will we see more of this?"

Submission + - Dead man's Wikipedia entry changed in advance

Ykant writes: According to an AP article, the Wikipedia entry of pro wrestler Chris Benoit (who was found dead in his home earlier this week, along with his wife and child) was updated at 12:01 a.m. Monday, about 14 hours before authorities say the bodies were found. It said he missed a match Saturday night "stemming from the death of his wife." An Atlanta news station reports that a Wikipedia user has admitted to making the edits, but had no advance knowledge of the event, calling it a "terrible coincidence".

Submission + - Labels attack Prince for free album giveaway (

teh_commodore writes: Prince's new album will be a free insert in an upcoming edition of the UK's The Mail on Sunday. The managing director of the Mail claims that

It's all about giving music for the masses and he believes in spreading the music he produces to as many people as possible...This is the biggest innovation in newspaper promotions in recent times.

However, recording industry executive Paul Quirk claims that

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince should know that with behaviour like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores.


Linux Finally Getting XBMC 203

B47h0ry'5 CuR53 writes "XBMC is getting ported to Linux. A few developers of Team-XBMC have begun the porting of XBMC to Linux using OpenGL and the SDL toolkit. In this effort, they are recruiting developers. XBMC is, by far, one of the finest projects to come out of the open source community; and to think it is homebrew. XBMC is a massive project, with the current SVN branch weighing about 350M before compilation. Porting it will be a big effort and any hackers willing to contribute should check out the Linux port project."

Submission + - Firefox Add-Ons Are A New Vector For Crackers

wiredog writes: From The Washington Post's Security Fix blog, an entry on the ways in which Firefox add-ons, especially ones such as Google Toolbar, can be used to crack the security of a system.

Submission + - Microsoft announces Multi-Touch coffee table

An anonymous reader writes: MacScoop reports: "Microsoft announced its first device which uses the Multi-Touch technology also present in the iPhone. It's not a digital media player, it's not a mobile phone, it's neither a TabletPC, it's a coffee table!" An impressive video on demos the technology.

Intel's Single Thread Acceleration 182

SlinkySausage writes "Even though Intel is probably the industry's biggest proponent of multi-core computing and threaded programming, it today announced a single thread acceleration technology at IDF Beijing. Mobility chief Mooly Eden revealed a type of single-core overclocking built in to its upcoming Santa Rosa platform. It seems like a tacit admission from Intel that multi-threaded apps haven't caught up with the availability of multi-core CPUs. Intel also foreshadowed a major announcement tomorrow around Universal Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) — the replacement for BIOS that has so far only been used in Intel Macs. "We have been working with Microsoft," Intel hinted."

$90,000 103in HDTV 180

An anonymous reader writes "Found this review of Panasonic's 103in plasma. Not only is the screen itself massive, but the price tag comes close to $100,000! I guess if you can afford a room big enough to house it, you can afford the TV. "

Submission + - Tom's Hardware Guide acquired by Best of Media

Marco Polo writes: "From the horses mouth itself: TG Publishing, the company behind Tom's Hardware Guide, has been acquired by the independent French publisher Best of Media for an undisclosed sum, it has been announced this morning. The deal sees the Best of Media Group increase its revenues by 36% in 2006, with consolidated revenues of 10 million, and the company positioning itself as the only Pan-European alternative to Cnet Networks."

Submission + - Portable Solar Power for $180

KarMax writes: "This portable solar power can be done (and improved) by everyone, is really easy and you can buy all you need from eBay.
From the article:
For about $180, I brought together all the components needed to power a typical laptop for a couple hours solely on solar power. It's great for emergencies, or just knowing you are powering something real with a completely renewable resource.
This kit weighs about 2 lbs, costs $180, and will power my Macbook for 1.75 hours (1.83ghz, browsing the web and checking email via Airport Extreme, bluetooth off, screen brightness about 70%) with a little more than 5 hours of good sun.

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