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Comment Re: Crybaby (Score 1) 164

"It is a system meant to balance the needs of high population areas and low population areas so that it isn't a tyranny..." Not quite. Its a system designed to work with two limitations. One was the technology of the time. The second was the uncooperative states; they were offered more voting power than otherwise entitled in order to entice them along. The founders of this system were not fans of it themselves, but offering some states increased voting power was the only way to get those states to commit. Our founding fathers didn't like this system, but it was as close to a democracy as could be created given the players. Personally,I think every vote should be counted, and the electoral college scrapped. It is outdated.

Comment Re:500 AD and watch deforestation in action (Score 1) 85

Correct, we even have a shortage now of many prairie types. Do we have too many trees? After reading your comment, my first thought was, "i wonder how much carbon we have sequestered with these trees?". Did we alleviate any significant C02 burden with this? Maybe we simply masked a bigger problem? Maybe we need to bury all these trees and start some fresh ones to capture more C02. Everyone should bury their christmas tree!

Comment The Drones Worked As Planned (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Isn't it a coincidence that it put Amazon on the news during the busiest shopping season of the year? Mission accomplished.

I saw my mother shopping on for the first time this weekend. I asked her about it (she always claimed to prefer brick-n-mortar). Her response was, "I was thinking this year I would give Amazon a try." Amazons marketing is working.

Comment Where do you live? (Score 1) 564

"In other words we are told things are bad by UNIONS so they can demand more pay raises & more expensive toys in the classroom. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. EVERYBODY has a bias..... it's just a matter of digging to discover it."

I don't know where you are from, but I see the exact opposite. Our schools are being forced by the right to spend money on Ipods and such for each student. The teachers and the union are saying "we don't need this stuff, look at how great our test scores are". The right-wing is claiming the schools are struggling and we need to cut staff and increase spending elsewhere. Yeah, like an Ipod for each student is going to help.

Give a bad teacher technology and they will still be a bad teacher. Give a good teacher whatever tools you want, they will find a way to be a good teacher. Throwing money at it will not fix it, and this is exactly the point that our unions have been making for a long time.

Why do we have ipods going to each student in many schools across the country? Who is pushing this? I honestly don't know. Anyone with some insight?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 745

"If a political party decides what ideas it supports based on what's likely to get it elected, that rises some questions about what its purpose is in the first place."

True, but this is what the republicans do (and democrats, but that is not this discussion). Look at the issue of abortion, government spending, you think they really care about any of these? No. They are pushing an agenda of lowering the taxes for the wealthy, concentrating the wealth among the most wealthy. How people still vote for it is beyond me. They claim to be fighting for whatever gets the votes.....they may even name the bill after that cause. In the end, the content of their agenda is often counter to what they claimed. Not sure why voters do not seem bothered by this and vote elsewhere. Ron Pauls supporters seem to understand this, which is why NONE of them will vote for Romney. All of Pauls votes are going to Obama, or going unused.

Comment Re:The most important lesson in life being taught (Score 1) 663

Now here's the kicker: In any school, the teachers are the minority. Here's an extreme sample: When I taught, there were 210 employees of the (tech school, then state collegiate) campus, but only 42 faculty. Yep... forty-two actual teachers on a huge campus.

I am not thinking this is a very common ratio for a typical public elementary or secondary school. In my experience, 80% teachers. 5% administration. 5% maintenance. 2% IT. 3% secretarial. 5% misc. This assumes cooks and bus drivers are private employees.

Comment Re:Eh, Type 2 (Score 2) 137

While I agree with your conclusions, and sympathize with you, you are clearly not the average type 2 diabetic. You must admit that. Most every study i have read, along with those I know who have had type 2, have shown far better results than yours simply by losing weight and exercising. Your condition is clearly more severe, and possibly from a different cause.

The vast majority of those with Type 2 could help their cause with a bit of self care. Kudos to you however for taking those steps first and going for the meds second. Everyone else just wants an excuse and a pill.

Comment Re:I hate subjects (Score 1) 90

The device was not intended for those without a Bb phone. For those that have one, it works quite well. When comparing to my wifes IPad, it stacks up nicely. Sitting by eachother surfing the web, the playbook seems to shine in many areas. The drawback is the smaller screen size, but it fits in my jacket pocket (a large internal pocket, but still a pocket) where she needs a backpack for her ipad. The only website that seems to work better for her is google maps. Not sure why, but it always locks up on the playbook. Most other sites seem easier to navigate on the playbook.

Also, having a 3G connection anywhere (so long as I have my phone) without needing a data plan, is pretty sweet.

When we travel, we take the playbook and leave the ipad at home. Even over wifi the playbook just seems to work better for most things...can't put a finger on it.

Comment Re:dont try to fucking rationalize this. (Score 1) 615

"I bet if global warming screws up your grand-children's lives, you will still blame liberals."
Best line I have read today...

I was once a republican. Still am by most definitions. There is no way I can vote for a party that has become so anti-science and lacks common sense. Risk management!?!? No way, lets just blame liberals.

Comment Re:Resume (Score 1) 249

You might like to know that being salary doesn't exempt you from overtime. Just saying...... that isn't how the law works in the US anyway. Many companies pretend to not know this until you remind them.

Also, the formula for overtime is often different. It is often closer to half-time pay for salary employees.

Comment Re:Can't Even Do Their Job (Score 1) 533

The problem is, you prove to us time and time again that you can't. We trust you to do some small task, and it blows up, and we are left to clean up the mess.

We let you have Iphones, managed yourself, and then your phone gets stolen and you are upset that company data was on it. One of us gets fired. Go figrue.
In an older example. We let you build some neat tools with Access, that you then roll out to your department and share with the company. Pretty soon it crashes and burns, like all Access projects eventually do. IT gets blamed for letting it happen. One of us gets beaten and then fired.

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