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The Internet

ICANN Releases Draft For New TLDs 168

NdJ writes "Looks like a whole new domain name battle ground is about to open up. ICANN have just made available their How to Apply for a New Generic Top-Level Domain Draft Applicant Guidebook. It won't be cheap for the individual, but certainly achievable for many domain-name-pimps. 'The Evaluation Fee is designed to make the new gTLD program self-funding only. This was a recommendation of the Generic names Supporting Organization. A detailed costing methodology — including historical program development costs, and predictable and uncertain costs associated with processing new gTLD applications through to delegation in the root zone — estimates a per applicant fee of $US185,000. This is the estimated cost per evaluation in the first application round.'"

Submission + - Data storage for games

rlhawk writes: "I've been working on programming a 2d role-playing game for quite a few years now. (Since I was 13 actually) Up to this point, I've been writing out all my data—maps, players, etc.—to files using c functions. Lately however I've been doing a lot of web-based work, and have been using MySQL a lot for that. I'm wondering, for a cross-platform game written in C++, using Allegro for graphics, sound, and input, would it be better to use some kind of database rather than writing everything out to files with c functions? I wouldn't really want to use MySQL or PostgreSQL, because I don't want people to have to be running a SQL server just to play the game. But something like SQLite where all you need is a library would be fine. What would be some advantages and disadvantages of using a SQL database rather than storing in files with c functions? Would it be any harder to hack?"

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