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Comment Re:meeses (Score 1) 361

Speak for yourself. My "roller-ball" mouse still works after 15 years of use. The buttons don't respond as well, though.

At any rate, yesterday's "roller-ball" mice were of superior build quality than today's cheap throw-away optical mice.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 219

You pronounce someone's name how they want it pronounced, assuming they don't have some strange sound that you can't reproduce, then you just try your best.

Tell that to every English and French speaker pronouncing a foreign name. They don't even try.

Comment Re:Drudge and other U.S. bloggers are next (Score 1) 349

Gun ban legislation will only do one thing: spark civil war. The 'Joe Sixpacks' with their blue tick hounds are plenty pissed about the Patriot Act, NDAA, and all that other crap. Don't let the stupid media stereotypes fool you! They like the first amendment too. A gun ban will push them over the edge (last box). It will not work. Simply because a lot of people will not let it work. Good for them, I say.

All the more reason to introduce gun ban legislation, then. It would mean that people would finally get off their lazy ass and do something instead of complaining.

Comment Re: Oh, really? (Score 1) 1255

YOU are the only person who has said this or claimed that anyone else has said it. Everyone else is saying that they want parents to be more involved in their children's education because it's the largest single determining factor in the child's success.

Actually, the post did say this:

The parents of children in the top tier school are more involved, but only as a hindrance to the teachers' job( threatening lawsuits or to call politicians to have a teacher fire because their little Johnny sparkle shit has discipline problems).

Of course, Karmashock took it the wrong way. It's good to have parents involved, but not in a "DON'T TOUCH MY SNOWFLAKE OR I SUE/FIRE YOUR ASS".

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