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Comment Re:Maybe they're scared of us too? (Score 1) 1015

I understand that nay-saying humanity is a popular pastime around here, but it's largely irrelevant. Our wars and monstrosities may simply be a natural course for a growing intelligent race it's way through cultural adolescence. Simply assuming that humanity must be "much worse" than anything else out there is kind of like saying that America is much worse than anything else out there. I'm no gung-ho "America is the greatest country on the planet!" whore, but from various subjective and objective standpoints, there is much worse out there.

Don't let your "human guilt" cloud your intelligence. There's nothing to say that humanity's atrocities are any better or worse than any other sapient race. You're right, they could be like the aliens from "The Abyss", and judge that our fighting is a horrible problem to be ended before we become more powerful, or they could also be empathetic enough to realize that we have other sides as well (like the aliens from The Abyss finally did). Who knows.

Human guilt is silly, just as White guilt is.

Comment Re:From what I've heard, it really is that bad... (Score 1) 673

Modern 2-engined aircrafts are designed to be able to cope with only one working engine. It's part of the tests.

Isn't that irrelevant in this scenario? Modern two engine aircraft are designed to be able to cope with one engine failure when flown by experienced pilots. PERIOD.

Here's now why your statement (and my emphasis on the PERIOD portion of my paraphrase) is irrelevant:

Modern two engine aircraft are NOT designed to be able to cope with one engine failure, various equipment failures, windshields with damaged/limited visibility, possible skin damage, possible mechanical damage (for instance to the flight control surfaces/devices) all at the same time due to flying through volcanic ash.

Basically, you simply forgot that there are a lot of other parameters involved here than simply an engine failure.

And additionally, even if no engine fails, that does not mean that sufficient damage has not happened to create an engine failure on a later flight. Very similar to how some bird strikes and such have not caused immediate failure, but failure at a later time. Add to that the fact that the airplanes may not be inspected again until a substantial period of time/miles has passed since their encounters with volcanic ash.

Comment Re:Big companies = bad for gaming (Score 1) 120

aside from nintendo you didnt name any big names. and bioware has been recently bought, and already started to produce rehashed, recycled stuff. only thing remaining from their past is excellent implementation, whereas storyline quality disappeared. in addition they have also dubmbed down mass effect 2 a lot, in order to appeal to 'mainstream users', to ramp up profits.

Comment Re:it's not so funny (Score 1) 574

There are researchers who would be eager to hear from you, if you can really discern the presence of RF at these frequencies, in double-blind conditions.

Not that I doubt your experience - psychosomatic effects and placebos are very powerful things.

I don't know how effective a treatment it is to have your experience's lack of physical cause demonstrated. I imagine in many cases it would merely cause confusion and anger. Plenty of people continue to respond to homeopathy even though their rational mind knows it can only be a placebo.

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