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Comment Re:Like the death of Mark Twain (Score 1) 668

What makes you think that boomers are sending a lot of emails from their phones today? Or own a music player?

I'm a boomer and the reason I have a Droid is because I got it for free for attending an Android seminar online. The display is a nice size for dialing, but nothing else is really optimized for image-impaired folks.

Comment Re:What could (Score 5, Informative) 403

Because last time I checked, when I stuck my tongue out when it rained, I didn't taste any salt at all, and I am 99.9% sure that the rainwater I drank used to be in the salty seas not too long before. Just because it seems to fulfil symbolic logic doesn't mean it's true.

      You obviously have never lived near the ocean. The rain isn't "salty" enough to be tasted, but there is salt in the air. Anything that can be corroded will be corroded faster near a body of salt water.

Comment Be careful with congressional involvement (Score 4, Informative) 132

I watched the congressional committee on the National Broadband Plan. Everyone should really watch C-SPAN once in a while as it can be very insightful. Every so often you see a congressman that isn't too bad and it would be a shame to kick these people out of office because you're so angry at party X.

Most of it was everyone just giving speeches for camera time and repeating the same thing as everyone else in their party. The Democrats pointed out all of the studies showing how we're far from the top country in terms of broadband access, while the Republicans waved their hands and said "We're the best! Don't change anything!" without any facts to back it up. So of course on the topic of net neutrality the Republicans were very vocal about this evil "net neutrality" business and how terrible it is that the FCC wants to "regulate the internet." Not one of them appeared to have any grasp of what net neutrality is really about. Genachowski tried to explain it to one of them but didn't do a very good job. Even the Republicans in the FCC were against net neutrality. One of them (I forgot his name) said he thinks it doesn't need enforced because the free market will fix it as broadband speeds increase, showing he doesn't really understand the problem. Not to mention even if he was right this is just another incentive for the ISPs to make sure speeds don't increase too much.

But the Democrats had an equally scary complaint. Most of them were bothered by the fact that the National Broadband Plan didn't lay out ways to police the internet for copyright and IP infringement. It does mention the need to address the problem (and Genachowski said several times that this is a problem), but it doesn't lay out anything specific, which is why they were complaining. Off the top of my head the lady from Tennessee was the most vocal about how "her constituents" demand strict enforcement of intellectual property laws on the internet.

So for anyone saying congress should pass laws about this stuff be careful what you ask for. I feel a lot better about Genachowski making these rules than any of the congressmen I saw in that room. Though I know in general it is preferred to have elected officials making the rules, our congressmen generally don't know what they're talking about in this field.

On an interesting side note apparently this plan mentions opening the market for set top boxes, which the congressional chairman (Boucher) pointed out they had discussed 15 years ago and nothing came of it. He told the FCC "please do this as soon as possible". I am planning on building a MythBox so I was happy about this.

Comment Re:I am no expert ... (Score 1) 673

But if an airplane's engines die, it'll crash, and everyone inside the plane gonna die with it.

Actually, no, if an airplane's engines die, the plane becomes a glider. What happens next is up to the skill of the pilots (and the availability of the emergency generators).

The longest flight without engine power was Air Transat Flight 236, which was in the air for 19 minutes between final engine flame-out (due to fuel exhaustion) and touchdown. And there were no fatalities.

Comment Re:Norway (Score 1) 673

I doubt you can find a European country that experienced the recession on the scale of the US.

Checkout Ireland, Greece (probably in need of IMF bailout just to stay afloat) or Iceland (whose economic difficulties make volcano troubles seem trivial). Here in Europe the acronym PIIG was used for the countries (Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece) whose whole state finances are/were seriously threatened during the economic crisis.

Sure, these economies were not being as well run as Norway, but neither did they benefit from an oil windfall to fund investment (we in the UK did but we were too stupid to treat it the same way as you).

Comment Re:None of this would've happened... (Score 1) 711

On top of TheRaven64's reply, this also only affects video and only affects Flash 10.1.

Ever compared Flash 10 on both platforms? No video acceleration either way, but it still runs a ton better on Windows. Flash has been terrible on Mac for years, hardware video acceleration is a feature that came around in the last few months. Adobe is trying to weasel around the fact that they just can't seem to make a plugin worth a shit (remember that even on platforms like Windows where it's fast, it's still getting exploited and/or crashing quite regularly, and let's not even get started on their PDF reader).

Comment Re:Google should buy them (Score 1) 240

...since Microsoft's smartphone IP is shallow at best.

What makes you think this? Microsoft has been in the smartphone market for much longer than Apple, and they've also got R&D departments in a lot of related fields - multitouch computing and the like. I'd be shocked if they didn't have a large number of patents that cover smartphones.

Comment Wikia (Score 1) 155

I concur, we need a wikipedia like tool dumb down to a myspace/geocites level

This exists. It used to be called Wikicities and is now called Wikia. Essentially it's a set of wikis for everything that won't fit in an encyclopedia. And I recommend it for any vertical that can stand the ads.

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