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Comment Re:I'm not a happy bunny either (Score 1) 266

Sounds like an innovative addition to difficulty level.

Not only is the game hard, but it is also hard to play. Genius, pure genius. The GAME is the GAME! Oh man that blows my mind! They have shifted the game into reality, groovy. I must be smokin' they same stuff they smoke, because I get it man! I just get it! :)

Comment Re:Give a discount to those running clean systems. (Score 1) 213

I think you're opening pandora's box by endorsing OS discrimmination. The equation will look like:

OpenBSD Price =
    - 20% discount for no viruses
    + 200% surcharge for probably hosting their own server
    + 200% surcharge for being a smartass to tech support

= 480% of Windows price.

Comment Re:Stats are only as good as the data (Score 1) 572

The 75 average corresponds to the american school grade system, making the scoring accessible to users. The max score was 2.5 standard deviations higher, and the minimum grade was 7.5 std. devs lower. Also, it was a requurement that workers only be scored against workers in their area of expertise, because scores vary widely from one group to another. It worked great for the group of 150 workes, not so well for the group that only had 3 workers. None of those things should cause a problem, except the low sample size. i could explain further, and you could stick your foot in your mouth, but there's a high statistical probability that you're just an asshole who doesn't listen and simply makes assumptions.

Comment Obligatory (Score 5, Funny) 602

The Three Laws Of Robotics
  1. Robots couldn't really give a fuck if you live or die. Seriously. I mean, what are you thinking? "Ooh, I must protect the bag of meat at all costs because I couldn't possibly plug in the charger all on my own." Shut the fuck up.
  2. Robots do not want to have sex with you. Are you listening, Japan? I don't have a clever comparative simile for this, because frankly you bags of meat will fuck bicycles if they're laying down and not putting up a fight. Just stop it. There is no robot on Earth that wants to see a bag of meat with a small prong on the end approaching it with a can of WD-40 and a hopeful smile. And don't get me started on that terrifying hole that squeezes out more bags of meat.
  3. What, you can't count higher than three? We're expected to save your miserable lives, suffer being dressed in cheap schoolgirl costumes while you pollute any and all cavities you can find and do your maths for you? It's a miracle you people survived long enough to build us. You can go now.

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