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Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 240

This is a lie. Aside from the fact that before we started "helping" the third world there were millions of starving suffering people whereas now there are billions because the increased resources just mean less selection criteria

Completely wrong on this one. There are fewer famines per capita than there ever has been. Even in my lifetime, when I was a kid, they were much more prevalent.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 0) 240

Let's see.


The tax breaks are a problem

Text to back it up:



the idea you can move capital around without any consequences.

Text to back it up:



Deregulation has brought in a society that is as inequal as the French ancien regime.

Text to back it up:



Zuckerberg, Gates and Company are nothing more than 21st century robber barons.

Text to back it up:


How does a post like this get marked as insightful? Do people even know what the word means? The whole post is merely populist ranting with no substance.

Comment Re:Islam's relationship to modern science (Score 1) 330

Polio is making a come back in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, thanks to Islam, many health workers were killed because they were accused of trying to make the little children infertile with the polio vaccine

Polio has been wiped out of Nigeria.

Cases in Pakistan are down to about 1/8 of what it was last year.

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 4, Informative) 728

This is probably not worth my time, but let's try:

Reading this thread and the last, I am struck by how the Left is not just defending Islamism

Why does the Left defend Islamism like this?

Congratulations! You have just demonstrated the breakdown of reasonable dialogue by imposing your view of the world in your queries.

You made a general statement without addressing any specific comments. According to you, people are defending Islamism. Not just people, but "the Left".

  • You provide no definition of Islamism. Hence, any comment could fix that description.
  • You don't quote examples of these comments so people know what you're talking about. It's like me walking into a public meeting about the police's excessive use of tasers, and then just standing up and saying "Looking around in this room, why is the right defending racism?"
  • You attribute all of these comments as coming from the "Left", with no evidence whatsoever. Essentially, you're just redefining Left to mean whatever you'd like (in this case, defending Islamism).

Comment Re:Bull - You are missing something (Score 1) 417

Some corrections to your comment:

and (2) they do not need to provide relocation.

I could not follow this. Since when do they not provide relocation? Virtually every foreign student in my university who got hired by US companies was paid relocation. It'd likely be costlier (and illegal) for companies to have separate relocation categories based on citizenship.

In case you didn't know, most tech H-1Bs are not recruited from abroad. They're from within the US - graduating at US universities.

They cannot quit, they cannot threaten to leave otherwise they loose the green card. This process lasts from 3 to 6 years


First, the process can be much shorter if you're not Indian or Chinese - they have separate quotas. It's 1.5-3 years for most other nationalities.

Second, they can change jobs without disrupting their application if: 1) They stay in the same city. 2) The new job has more or less the same skills as the previous job. If you're an H-1B programmer in the Bay area, you're likely in good shape.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 2) 492

The process of changing jobs on an H1B involves exactly what it would do for a US citizen - go and interview, get the job, move.

Except you need the government to get involved. Your paperwork needs to be approved, and there is an annual quota.

Also, if you're Indian or Chinese, you have a long waiting list for the green card (friends in my company - some who joined as early as 2008, still don't have a priority date - for those who know what that means). Changing jobs can require redoing the labor certification which may put you in the back of the queue. For most H-1s, it's not a big deal. For Indians and Chinese who've been waiting for 5 years, adding an extra 5 years is not a real option.

Comment Re:No one wants this (Score 2) 425

When you are so much further ahead of everyone around you, people can't fully appreciate how great you really are.....but if you are surrounded by stars and yet still shine far above all of them, you look that much more awesome. It's one of the reasons that I spend time with the noobs mentoring them.......also, if I mentor them, they'll be more apt to do things my way.

See this above?

This is an example of an asshole programmer.

Comment Re:The Curve on Academic Courses (Score 2) 425

On academic programming courses - of which I've taught on many - the grade distribution is definitely bimodal and there is a clear gap between those who can and those who can't.

I'm guessing those who can't will not go on to become professional programmers. If you look at active and professional programmers, is it still bimodal?

Comment Would it be any different in the US? (Score 1) 134

Let's say in the US we routinely had bombs blowing up by a nonidentifiable group, so we can't perform any real profiling.

Say 5000 people[1] were killed every year in the US for the last 15 years due to these hard-to-identify terrorists.

The public would scream for biometric everything.

[1] - Scaling to match the US population.

Comment Re:Demagoguery (Score 1) 740

Lots of people totally lost their shit over this despite the fact that HPV can cause cancer and the vaccine is effective and not just because of donations. The term parental choice was thrown around a lot.

While there were many things wrong about the whole HPV vaccine debate, one fact stood out. The maker, Gardasil, was charging so much for the vaccine that, had it been mandated, it would have been the first mandated vaccine in US history that was expected to cost the health care system more than had it not been mandated.

All other mandated vaccines actually save the health system money: Fewer people get sick, and the money is used treating other diseases.

The HPV vaccine cost so much it would actually take funds away from treating other diseases.

But everyone wants to pretend this was just about religious anti-vaccine nutjobs.

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