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Comment Re:Jesus H. Christ, (Score 1) 277

I don't think the purpose of this was to display all 22 during the actual play. You're absolutely correct here - you wouldn't be able to make any of the fine details, like an interception vs catch, or a fumble - if you saw it in the "All 22" view.

The question the article is raising, and the point that it's making - is why is it never displayed at all? Football is not a continuous sport - there's a quick play of 5-20 seconds, and at least that much time will have elapsed by the next play. During this time there's usually a replay with the announcer discussing the details of the play. If you're watching any of the major channels (NBC, FOX, etc) , you'll see that there's a lot of time where the sportscasters are discussing strategies galore, whiteboards with X's and O's representing players, and looking at replays of games. *That* is the point here - why is this view never used for the instant replay, or during the breakdown, or during Chris Berman's show?'

With the exception of a kickoff or punt return (where this view IMO would be more useful, because you could actually see the direction of all the players on the field at the time) - this view wouldn't be used during most plays on TV. This would be used during the breakdown, replays, and strategy discussion. Fans were asked if they wanted to see this, and the answer was yes. A quote right in the article is "Without watching the All22, analyzing football is impossible, says Bill Parcells". It obviously has some value and popularity and it's being used extensively by the coaches,

Your argument there for "As for being a student of the game.." - the point isn't whether there are other opportunities. I had no idea this particular view was deliberately blocked (always assumed the skycam was only used for the zoomed in shots) - and it's interesting to read about this and why it's blocked.

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