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Comment Re:App Stores Dept. of Corrections? (Score 1, Funny) 241

Think of MS as the drug dealer outside your school or at a party actively pushing powders, pills and liquids.
The MS dealers also extinguish other drug dealers in the area.
Apple is more the gang suburb or crack house with a loyal following for a known product.
You have to go to them for the Apple "distortion" feel but other gangs and crack houses do exist.
You can always find a Linux grower and cultivate your own digital escape using Nordic tech.

Comment Re:Worst summary ever. (Score 1) 316

I’m with you. Can somebody explain what Busybox is, and what exactly these lawsuits are about?

TFA just states that “The basic claim of the lawsuits is that the GPL license terms must be followed by all parties that distribute works containing GPL software” and hints at something about “endanger[ing] the proprietary software of any company that makes the most trivial effort to comply with its license”.

From this paragraph,

The version 0.60.3 of Busybox upon which Mr. Andersen claims copyright registration in the lawsuits is to a great extent my own work and that of other developers. I am not party to the registration. It is not at all clear that Mr. Andersen holds a majority interest in that work.

it appears that Andersen is claiming GPL violations, and Perens believes that he (and other developers) had a significant stake in that version of the software and were not represented in the lawsuit.

Still, that’s not a whole lot to go by.

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