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Comment Re:Its because doing business in Europe costs more (Score 2, Interesting) 247

You're looking at the problem from the wrong end. It's not about costs at all, it's about how much people are willing to pay. European customers were used to paying more, so Apple had no reason to lower prices.

Recently, however, it seems that things are changing. Maybe it's because consumers are more conscious of their spending due to the economic situation; maybe it's the increasing pressure from low-cost PCs; maybe Apple simply wants to expand its market share in Europe at last.

Whatever the reason, the cheapest MacBook is now $999 in the US, and €902 in Italy. Take out the 20% VAT and you get €721.6, which at the current rate is just $919 - actually less than in the US store.

Comment Re:Google is the key here (Score 1) 686

Do not forget, android didnt originate inside google.

the history of android is tied to andy rubin, who started out working for apple, then the spin-off general magic, left and started danger inc. (made hiptops using java in much the same ways as android, sold via t-mobile as sidekick), got tired of board of directors meddling so left and formed android, android gets bought by google, now aandy rubin leads android for google.

this is probably also the reason why androids management of third parties are so different from the google "norm". Observe how they made a big fuzz about android market, making it appear to be a part of the general android package. But in reality its part of the closed source google services app pack, a pack that can only be used on approved partner devices (all phones so far). This going as far as sending out C&D letters to devs that provide custom firmwares, with the app pack, on devices already approved.

right now, android is the black sheep of the google herd.

Comment Re:Musicians (Score 3, Interesting) 257

As I remember it, all of that repetitive fine motor control musicians need is handled by the cerebellum at an unconscious or preconscious level once the necessary movements have been learnt (this is why practice is important). So yeah, there is division by delegation of many tasks, like you said, but I'm not sure how many pure "thinking" processes could be performed at any given time.

Comment Re:Depends on the location (Score 1) 976

You should get your brakes checked.

Good advice in general, but not an answer to the AC's correct statement. Keep thinking.

Hint: There's a reason traffic engineers have to consider the speed limit of the road and typical stopping distances when designing how long a yellow light lasts.

Hint^2: "stopping distance".

Comment Re:I wonder if they still get a tax break? (Score 1) 426

I wonder if those companies are still getting tax breaks to move jobs overseas?

While corporate service expenses (such as offshore services) are tax deductible by corporations, the US worldwide corporate tax system extends its reach to foreign production and sales income of US-based companies, unlike the systems of most competitor countries.

Moreover, the US corporate tax system contains unfavorable rules for allocating research, development, and administrative expenses when compared to other countries' tax systems.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 2, Insightful) 999

The fact that anyone else in the rest of the country gives a damn is an example of how eroded state's rights have become. Why should I care? I don't live in Texas.

Because the people who print textbooks do not print a different version for every state. States with a large enough market, California and Texas get their own editions. Every other state can buy either the California or Texas editions.

Thus, these decisions in Texas will influence the education of a very large swath of the US.

Comment Parent post has it right (Score 1) 691

Right. There's no problem if you have a real business. It's employment masquerading as consulting that's prohibited by US tax law. If you write and sell a software product to multiple buyers, no problem. That's a business. If you take ten jobs a year on Rent-A-Coder, no problem. (Not much money, though.) If you develop and patent technology, then license the technology, no problem.

If you work for one company for a year, are paid for time, not results, have a "boss", and do what they tell you, you're an employee. Deal with it.

Comment Re:Well, Opera Mini isn't strictly a browser... (Score 3, Insightful) 292

You are running a software built by said commercial 3rd-party company. They don't need that server in the middle to see all of those things.

So there's no increase in capability if they are malicious. There is an increase in risk if they are incompetent - and do something like cache requests/responses containing that data.

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