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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 486

Which ethnic cleansing are you referring to, that in Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, etc? You do realize Israel is 20% Muslim, while Jordan and Gaza have not a single Jew living there (and any Jew living in the West Bank is considered a land-stealing occupying zionist settler). So let's think carefully about which sides really did severe ethnic cleansing, and assign blame proportionately.

If you want to accuse of apartheid, then consider that Jordan and Gaza make it illegal under penalty of death to sell land to a Jew.

Or, maybe you're referring to the 800k Palestinian refugees from Israel's creation in 1948? Surely then you also want to give equal consideration for the other 800k Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab countries merely for having the wrong religion. Or do they not warrant consideration?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 486

I will steal from you your life savings. When you get upset and try to punch me in the nose, I will offer a small fraction of it back to you. Will you be satisfied and stop trying to punch me?

How original, an analogy to explain the Israel/Palestine conflict. What part of your analogy describes the 8+ decades of hostilities prior?

For example, what part of your analogy includes the>, where 67 Jews in Hebron (in today's West Bank) were killed by Arabs two decades before the creation of the state of Israel?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1, Insightful) 486

Let's see, Gaza has a border w/ Israel, and a border w/ Egypt. Gaza's government's charter includes the stated destruction of Israel as it's goal, Egypt is supposedly friends to the Gazans (by their stated words).

Yet Egypt does jack shit for the Palestinians, but you criticize only Israel for not opening the Gaza border? Why do you give Egypt a free pass?

Comment Re:Israel has nuclear weapons. (Score 1) 569

Israels actions of the last fifty years cast very strong doubt on the correctness of this statement.

You mean perhaps Egypt leaving Israel alone, and Israel withdrawing from Sinai, and Israel/Egypt enjoying decades of being 'left alone'? The relationship has been cold and tense at times, but definitely 'left alone'.

Comment Re:I think it's a falsified information. (Score 1, Insightful) 560

And as far as UN support, it has been fairly unanimous for condemning Israel. Israel is an apartheid state with separate roads for Palestinians, forced evictions and demolitions of Palestinians houses by settlers, non-statehood for residents, restrictions on international travel, and crimes against Palestinians that aren't prosecuted (like the Price Tag attacks).

Let's see, with exactly zero Jews living in Gaza and Jordan, and every Jew living in the West Bank considered an illegal settler zionist occupier, but yet Israel is 20% Muslim, how in the world can you call Israel the apartheid state without saying the same (and notably louder) for Palestine and Jordan?

Separate roads? Try death penalties for selling land to a Jew in Palestine and Jordan. But no, Palestine and Jordan are not apartheid, they're "remarkably peaceful" as you claim.

Forced evictions, restrictions on travel, etc. Yes, you mean what Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Libya, etc have done to their own Jews after Israel's creation in 1948. But somehow, it's okay with you when Arab states do that.

The more you learn about the Palestinian limbo, the more you realize that they are remarkably peaceful despite the conditions they are in.

The more you learn about the decades of attacks and unified Arab aggression that Israel endured, the more you'd realize that they are remarkably peaceful despite the conditions they are in.

Comment Re:Did anyone notice: (Score 1) 560

You're so right, it has nothing to do with Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

And you are so right, it was Israel that ethnically cleansed. Let's see, EVERY Jew living in the West Bank is a zionist settler occupier in your view. Gaza has a Jewish population of identically zero. Jordan has a Jewish population of identically zero. Most other Arab countries have Jewish populations of practically, if not identically, zero. Yet 20% of Israel's population is Muslim, including elected Knesset officials.

Practically the same number of Muslim refugees from Israel were created as Jewish refugees from Arab lands during Israel's creation in 1948. Somehow you care alot about 800k Muslims that lost their homes in Israel 60y ago, but couldn't care less about 800k Jews that also lost their homes in Arab lands the same 60y ago.

So stop spouting the bullshit. If you are going to accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing, then blame Palestine, Jordan, and most other Arab countries first, and alot louder at that.

Comment Re:I think it's a falsified information. (Score 2) 560

What ceasefire?

Or do you perhaps mean the 171 rockets that were fired from Gaza into Israeli civilian centers last month, or the 100 rockets fired on Nov 11th alone (just 3 days before Jabari's assassination)?

The curious thing is why you think only Israel is at fault here. And strangely you use an Op-Ed as some kind of proof of that notion.

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