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Comment Re:anyone surprised? (Score 1) 478

They reported it. Just like they report what is going on now. The problem stems from the "fair and balanced" approach to news, where they report pretend these kinds of issues have "two sides". For all their reporting about Guantanamo and waterboarding, what came of it? Absolutely nothing. Gitmo is still opened, and no one will ever be prosecuted for war crimes. They did a fine job of presenting "both sides" until a segment of the American population condoned torture and other illegal activities.

Without partisan hypocrisy, it wouldn't be so easy for them to get away with it. The same people that want to impeach Obama for the patriot act and NDAA, were totally silent when Bush was in charge. Conversely many who wanted Bush impeached, now seem to just look the other way and yawn now that "their team" is in charge.

One thing I've learned from observing politics closely for 20 years is that partisans are the most hypocritical bunch on the planet, regardless of ideology. So you can claim Romney will be treated easier by the press, but the fact is that the ruling class get's it easy no matter what, as long as they play ball, and our current president (despite being called a communist) has played ball so well that wall street recovered while main street is still in a recession. I don't see Rick Santelli ranting about needing a tea party now thew Dow is over 10k again.

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