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Comment Re:You got to hand it to them (Score 1) 333

Bush won the mandatory Florida recount as well. The Supreme Court disallowed the hand recount because Florida wouldn't have it completed by the deadline.

Because as everyone knows, getting a fast answer is better than getting a correct one.

(Unless the fast answer is a correct answer you don't like. See: Coleman vs Franken.)

Comment Re:What does it take to topple regime? (Score 1) 333

In most situations, I think the tipping point is generally the support -- or at minimum, the lack of opposition -- of the military and/or security service(s). Of course, that just pushes the question back one level: What does it take to get the military and/or security service(s) to walk away from the current regime?

That depends on a mix of factors concerning the priorities of the leadership of services: stability, honor, and personal benefit in terms of power and/or money. The ratio of the mix depends in general on how those leaders came to be leaders, and varies from person to person. Do you appeal to them by convincing them that the current regime can't maintain order? Do you try to make the argument that their honor is not so much about obeying the current regime as about serving the country? Do you convince them that they'd be personally better-off under a new regime?

Comment Re:Fark has it right (Score 1) 333

They are taking other measures as well; there are several reports that a speech by President Obama (who has yet to speak in support of the protesters) ...

Well, yes and no. He has spoken in support of the protestors speaking out, while being careful not to publically agree with what they're saying.

... was translated as a speech calling for revolution and the overthrow of the regime. This lets Iran claim that the protests are the result of meddling by the Western powers.

This is why Obama has tried to be very careful about what he says. Given that there is a history of meddling by the US (and others), anything he says is going to be seen through that filter. People calling for stronger statements by Obama seem to be unaware of that history ... or are pretending to be.

Comment Re:I like rail! Great mass transit in Europe (Score 2, Informative) 1385

One of the funny things, Unions, if you want to be a member, well, you are free to sign up for it.

And free to go on unemployment after you do.

Union membership strongly correlates with how well the government enforces regulations against things like firing people for union organizing.

Wealth disparity in society has a strong inverse correlation with union membership.

(Sure, correlation causation ... but the connection looks a lot more likely than the solar cycle.)

Comment Re:Is any browser safe? (Score 2, Funny) 455

It's sort of like wearing a web-condom: used to be that going bare-browser was mostly safe as long as you were careful who you interacted with, but nowadays even the pretty ones can burn you, so your best bet is to just wrap your tool ... with a sandbox. (I'm still working on the analogy)

Try adding a reference to "extensions". That'll help.

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