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Comment Apple's one to talk. (Score 5, Interesting) 428

Apple's entire resurgence is based off MP3 piracy. Before they made their first smartphone, they made billions off their iPod sales, which were 100% filled with pirated MP3s. Nobody was paying 10k to fill an iPod. Nobody.

Then when they made their first billion, they started a music service and started charging for music and decried piracy, the very thing that made their entire corporate existence possible.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 554


There are several levels of classified documents, and 5 minutes on wikipedia would tell you everything you'd ever want to know.

Protected A / B / C is stuff that's going to fuck up one person. So if we found out that, say, HC was actually a dude or had HIV or something, that would fuck up her life but America would not be damaged.

Secret / Top Secret (usually called level II or level III) is stuff that's damaging to the country. So III might be something like today's frequencies or the inner workings of the IFF system. II would be layouts for circuit boards in warship computers, etc.

On top of that you have Controlled Goods and ITAR stuff, but that's not really Classified.

Comment Re: Aww, poor babies (Score 2) 267

Born-again Christians believe that The End of The World is going to happen really soon and they get to go to Heaven with Jebus v.20. But the catch is that in order for that to happen, Jews have to be in charge of Jerusalem. That's why crazy religious people are adamant that we've got to be unwavering in our support of Israel.

You're not arguing against any kind of sane viewpoint w.r.t. politics, finances, etc. You're arguing against their religious beliefs.

Comment Re:John Oliver (Score 1) 954

Taking guns away from honest citizens helps them how? You seem to be under the mistaken assumption that somebody desiring to kill others would somehow obey gun laws.

The difference is in how it is to obtain them. For example, in Australia, you used to be able to buy the kind of gun used in their biggest massacre for about $1500. They're still available on the black market, but they run around 32 grand, so 20x the price. That's the difference.

Is it the guns? Maybe. Would banning guns in the US help? I don't know. I do know that your current system is fucked up, and it's up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not.

Comment Yes, they should be. (Score 1) 568

I am an Electrical Engineer (P.Eng., FEC) One of my friends has a B.Eng. in Software Engineering. Yes, you can get an engineering degree in software.

I've done a lot of programming and seen a lot of code and frankly, most of the people that say they can code are fucking awful at it. I've written a lot of embedded code, and the stuff I've worked on is still running more than ten years after the last set of human eyes looked at the repository. Realistically, every business that does programming should be required to have someone on staff to sign off on it.

Sure, we can make some exceptions for console gaming where it's not important. If you've got the potential to brick people's phones or banking machines, then someone should be taking professional responsibility for the work.

Comment Re:I found another unicorn! (Score 1) 317

There are some people that are vegan but also conflate that with non-GMO, or chakras, or some other fucked up shit. I'm vegan, so my only concern is "is this made from animals?"

If not, it goes in my belly.

The answer to your next question is "because I like burgers, but meat is made from factory-farmed tortured animals. The standards for slaughterhouses and human consumption are so low that you're actually eating literal shit, and probably pus from a cow's tumour. Yes, really. Plus, factory farming is the biggest environmental fuckup we've got going. (51% of the water in CA is given to animal agriculture.) You can eat a burger, yes, with cheese and bacon, and have it be vegan. Also beer, which is often, but not always, vegan."

The answer to your next statement is, "no, you don't. 99% of meat consumed is factory farmed. I'll tell you a story about my friend who told me that he only eats meat raised by his uncle, who is a hunter, and all their meat is organic, certified, farm-fresh. While he was telling me this story, he was pulling out a pack of store-bought, frozen chicken tosquitos and putting them in the toaster-oven.

"When you go out to dinner, when you stop at the drive-through, you get what they have. When you get milk at the coffee shop, it's factory milk."

I think that covers most of the follow-ups, but for the bingo card:
I live on an island already, and water is of greater survival concern than food.
No, I get all my vitamins and minerals from plants. Yes, I take vitamins, as do most people. Yes, they're vegan.
Protein is made by your DNA, not by consuming animals, and yes I lift.
That study has been debunked by new information. Try reading a news aggregate site or something.
No, I make exceptions for medicine, including vaccines*. It's about doing the least harm, not theoretical purity.

*not the flu vaccine, I'm "sensitive" to one of the antibiotics, and "sensitive" in the medical sense means I pass out for two days, waking only to vomit. The last time I took it I lost 8 pounds overnight.

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