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Comment Re:Tiger repellent (Score 1) 277

No, I... I really shouldn't mention this, the patent is still being approved, but I have come up with the best idea yet.

You see, we get a solar roadway, for your roof! That's right, we put the same awesome solar panels used in solar roadways on the roof of your house, but the big advantages come in how they are deployed.

Without the need for heavy vehicles, we don't need to coat them in thick layers of protective substances, and without a need for easily replaceable small sections, we can make larger, longer panels. And don't even get me started on how much bigger gains there will be by angling the roadway towards the sun!

Please don't let any of this information leak onto the internet, as I said, we are sitting on this until the patents pass. Once they do, I am sure we can get many times the performance of a solar roadway from one of these solar roadway roofs!

Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

Right, and so long as they are not storing any identifying information with the data, there really is no problem with it. You could have an opt-in to add extra data, unpopulated by default, but on the whole, if it is just telemetry, there shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, and a little poking at the guys who found it reveals this:

So basically, there is not an ounce of data in there that can point to a particular user, it is completely anonymous. Storm in a fucking teacup...

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