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Comment Re:Agreed - Offtopic (Score 1) 508

I guess the problem of america is that they have started to become a non-democratic democracy.

What I mean by this is that you still have most of the democratic structurs, but since you have two powerful partys which want to lead the country in a similar way, you find yourself in the voting cabin, and even if you trust the voting system, you have to choose between devil and hell. (do you say so in english? - in case not: you can choose the war of bush against 'terror' or the warof kerry against 'terror')
Meaning, if you are against that war, you can't choose from kerry or bush, since they are both supporting it. So you have Naider (or however he's called) as the 'only alternative' - he is (to my limited knowledge) against that war. If you look at statistics, you will find out that quite many people are against that war. But why didn't all of these choose Naider? Because he doesn't stand a chance. He didn't have that media presence the other kandidates have (f.e. he didn't participate in these duells of the two mentioned candidates), and since that's important in the USA...

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