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Submission + - SPAM: CUCM PUB, SUB, Primary and Secondary Call Processor Definition

ICCIEV writes: "Till lat week I was having a big Confusion between the different Cisco Call Manager terminologies Publisher, Subscriber, Primary and Call Processor. and those terminologies describe different functionality of the Call Manager; the first two PUB and SUB describe the administration and Database funtionality of CUCM. on the other hand Primary and Secondary describe the call processing functionality. below is a brief description of each.."
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Submission + - WikiLeaks in the press: Genocide in Colombia, Sri Lanka, digest of Stratfor leak (

WLPress writes: "Cables confirm genocide committed in Colombia by paramilitary groups. WikiLeaks begins the release of 5 million emails from intelligence company Stratfor. Among the emails are discussions on how Stratfor monitored PETA, Bhopal, and Yes Men activists for multinational corporations Coca Cola and Dow Chemical. Emails also reveal how Stratfor kept tabs on major political figures and events and some of their sources and connections around the world. In particular, Stratfor tracked WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange since the 2010 release of Collateral Murder."

Submission + - Australian R18+ game legislation passes Government (

UgLyPuNk writes: Australia is a significant step closer to an R18+ adult rating for video games, with legislation today passing through the House of Representatives.

Minster for Home Affairs, Minister for Justice (and occasional Player Attack guest blogger) Jason Clare has confirmed that the legislation has been passed — without amendment — and will now head to the Senate to be debated "in coming weeks".

Submission + - DIY augmented reality head-up display (

mkwan writes: A PhD student in Melbourne, Australia, has built an augmented reality head-up display using a baseball cap, an Android smartphone, and off-the-shelf optics. It won't win any awards for style or practicality, but it's a fun way to use Wikitude. All we need now is a Terminator-vision smartphone app.

Submission + - SpaceX Prepares For April 30 Launch To Space Station (

TheNextCorner writes: "SpaceX and NASA announced a new schedule for the private company’s planned rendezvous with the International Space Station. The launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was expected to take place earlier in the year, but as is often the case with space flights, it was postponed for more testing. Now the company is aiming for an April 30 launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida."

Submission + - Lyme Disease Rates May Spike in 2012, Especially in Northeast

newmission33 writes: People in the U.S., especially those who live in the Northeast, should prepare for a sharp rise in Lyme disease infections this spring because of the periodic boom and bust in acorn crops.

Dr. Richard S. Ostfeld of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York, said during a presentation Tuesday at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases (ICEID) that the boom in acorn crops in 2010 triggered a population bloom in white-footed mice, which are preferred hosts for black-legged ticks that also multiplied.

Submission + - Computer Career/Jobs with a non-Computer-Oriented Undergraduate Degree? 2

An anonymous reader writes: Contrary to what many individuals think, not everybody on Slashdot went to college for a computer-related degree. Graduating in May of this year, my undergraduate degree will be in psychology. Like many undergraduate psychology students, I applied to a multitude of graduate programs but, unfortunately, was not given admission into a single one. Many are aware that a bachelor's degree in psychology is quite limiting, so I undoubtedly have been forced into a complicated situation. Despite my degree being in psychology, I have an immense interest in computers and the typical "hard science" fields. How can one with a degree that is not related to computers acquire a job that is centered around computers? At the moment, I am self-taught and can easily keep up in a conversation of computer science majors. I also do a decent amount of programming in C, Perl, and Python and have contributed to small open source projects. Would Slashdot users recommend receiving a formal computer science education (only about two years, since the nonsensical general education requirements are already completed) before attempting to get such a job? Anybody else in a similar situation?

Submission + - Stephen Fry Supports Campaign To Save Southampton Pub "The Hobbit" ( 1

jIyajbe writes: "An online campaign to save a Southampton pub named The Hobbit from Hollywood legal action has gained the support of Stephen Fry.

Fry, who is among the cast for the big budget film adaptation of JRR Tolkien's precursor to The Lord of the Rings from which the pub took its name, said the threat of a lawsuit from California-based movie producer Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) was 'self-defeating bullying'.

Stella Roberts, 41, the landlady of The Hobbit pub, said 'The pub has been called The Hobbit for more than 20 years and it has never been a problem,' she told the Southern Daily Echo.

'I believe the decision to target us now was prompted by the release of the film.'

'We have been told that absolutely everything to do with the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit must go. We just haven't got the resources to fight it.'

Edward Wildman Group solicitors, acting for SZC in the UK, said its client would not be commenting on the case."


Submission + - The Surge of Civil Unrest in Post-Fukushima Japan (

__aaqpaq9254 writes: Daniel P. Aldrich documents the surging civil dissent in Japan, post-Fukushima. Here's a quote: "Tens of thousands filled the square as the echoes of the speaker at the podium boomed through huge speakers. Some came in anger, others in grief, but all agreed: It was time for a change. Many carried banners, others carried drums; some had taken their children out of school to attend. No, this wasn't Tahrir Square; it was Tokyo, Japan..."

Submission + - Comcast won't "support" HBOGo access via Roku or Samsung TVs

pajamabama writes: Official word from Comcast tech support is that the do not "support" HBOGo on the Roku or Samsung Smart TV. This policy is confirmed by GigaOM. There is no explanation as to why or what is so special about those platforms that they should require extra support. An ongoing thread on Comcast support forums has been largely ignored by the company.

This really sounds like Comcast to force customers into only using their video-on-demand services. If you're watching HBO on your TV, then it's only via Comcast's (vastly inferior — when you consider the number of offerings) on-demand service, period.

Submission + - Amazon Adds New EC2 Instances, Brings 64-Bit to All (

MikeatWired writes: "Amazon Web Services (AWS) is offering a new type of virtual server instance atop its Elastic Compute Cloud service. The new “Medium” instance isn’t as powerful as the service’s Large instances, but it’s cheaper, and it’s more powerful than the low-end Small instances. But perhaps the bigger news within the news here, however, is that all instances now support 64-bit OSes, which was previously reserved for the highest tiers only. Amazon said it has also integrated the MindTerm SSH client into the AWS Management console 'to simplify the process of connecting to an EC2 instance.' What’s the bigger news here: 64-bit across the board or the sweet-spotting of tiers?"

Submission + - Pinterest Users Get Private Boards, Whether Pinterest Wants Them To Or Not (

An anonymous reader writes: Hacker's do what Pinterest won't. Pinterest has exploded in popularity, partly because unlike Facebook, which started with everything private and now fights to make everything more public, Pinterest has forced everything to be public right from the start. What's good for Pinterest though, isn't necessarily good for individual users, many of whom have been asking for private boards that only they can see. Now, the folks at MikeLike have created a bookmarklet that replaces Pinterest's Pin It button and can be used to pin to Pinterest (public boards) or to MikeLike's private boards. It also works for repinning from Pinterest; when you click the bookmarklet while browsing Pinterest, it modifies the page, adding a "Pin To MikeLike" hover button to each pin. A nice addition is the set of built-in tools: URL-shortening, site search, page translation, Readability, and Page Zipper. Sweet!

Submission + - Apple Wins Patent for "iWallet" ( 1

redletterdave writes: "Apple won a major patent on Tuesday for its "iWallet" technology, which is a digital system that uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to complete credit card transactions and manage subsidiary financial accounts directly on your iPhone. On the home screen for iWallet, users can see their entire credit card profiles, statements, messages from their banks, and even adjust preferences or add additional cards. Within preferences, users can schedule credit card payments and set parental controls on their children, which allows kids to use their iPhones as wallets but limits the extent to which they can use it. Users can track their payments and statements within the iTunes billing system, which keeps the credit card information safe and secure."

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