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Comment Re:Why is the power so expensive? (Score 1) 270

Remember Enron in California? Privatised energy companies deliberately suppressing supply to jack up the prices.

A good example was on display in South Australia during the load shedding in the Feb heatwave. There was spare capacity at the Pelican Point power station that the SA government ordered turned on, but AEMO did not bring it online. AEMO is a private company, btw, as is NEM.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 507

I'm not American, so I have absolutely no horse in this race.

During the election, you lot kept shouting about how all the shit he was attacking Hillary for wasn't really a big deal. Now he's doing it, and suddenly it's a big deal? Yeah, it is funny how that works.

It seems to me that two wrongs don't make a right. Also seems to me that a *current* security threat is worse than a past threat. One can be exploited, one cannot.

Comment Re: I got a probe for ya.... (Score 1) 507

I think the issue is not so much that he might conduct government business over his private phone, it's that he always has that private phone on him. If it were to be compromised (which is likely for an old samsung), there's a non-trivial potential for audio and/or video to be captured or his GPS location to be revealed.

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 468

The second is, the neodymium in the magnets for the motors is only a rare earth. That tends to mean there's a fair bit of strip mining to get it.

Tesla doesn't use rare earth metals in their motors or batteries. I realise they are not the whole EV market, but they are a large fraction of it. There's a general downward trend in the rare earth consumption by the other EV manufactures. One example

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 2) 115

From SolarCity's 2015 impact report it seems that 70MW of installed power produced 28,630 metric tons of CO2. It's 2017 (which should have yielded further emissions savings over 2015), plus installing bulk might yield yet further savings.

But I'm a firm believe in the energy trap, so I think that's 28,630 tons of CO2 well invested.

Comment Re:Why do I need this? (Score 1) 105

At a guess, if you have a known quantity of red light time, you can tune the radio, adjust your seat, etc, and not get caught out when light goes green. This should lead to lower frustration levels for both you, and the cars around you.

For a car manufacturer who trades solely on the "experience" (let's face it, Audis are just over-priced VWs), you can hardly blame them for trying something like this.

Personally, I think there's better technologies they could be putting this R&D money into. But hey, each to their own.

Comment Re:Qualcomm doesn't make chips (Score 2) 110

My understanding is most server farms are connected to dedicated nuclear power plants anyway, so power consumption isn't an issue. Heat dissipation? Yeah, that might be an issue.

With recent news that Google is shooting for 100% renewable energy for its datacentres (and many others will follow suit), I'm not quite so sure that's true any more.

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