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Comment Re:nobody ain't got no money anymore (Score 1) 313

" I think 90-100% of ad clicks are fake and internet advertising is a scam. Stupid companies that don't track ROIs don't realize that it's a complete waste of money or they assign some made up number like "value gained from visitors that at least came to the website via the ad" without realizing they're clickbots. "

I think the 90% - 100% number is exaggerated, but there is tons of fraud out there. This has directly led to some of the recent algo changes which I think also contributes to the CPC drop (remember all those content farms that got killed?). But also as the article mentions, mobile has been killing internet advertising. People always talk about iPhone in terms of hurting guys like Nokia/Microsoft, etc. They don't realize it's also hurts Google's ad business too.

Comment Re:I won't stop short... the coders were idiots (Score 1) 371

It doesn't matter WHAT time or money constraints they were under.

Why wouldn't this matter? Yes this is a "simple mistake", but when you try to get people to do too much, too fast, for too cheap then "simple mistakes" WILL happen. BTW, I would not be the least surprised if this exact same vulnerability is in many other sites, but just hasn't been reported (possibly sites built by the same people who built Citi's).

Comment Re:This is addressed in article. (Score 1) 735

"You don't understand Doom 3's goal. Doom 3, as well as every other id game,"

I'd say the goal of id's games dramatically changed after Romero was forced out. Yes, they were always a bit of a tech demo, BUT Romero at least tried to push the boundaries of the tech. This struggle is covered in "Masters of Doom". Many of the later designers didn't have Romero's enthusiasm to push the boundaries of Carmack's tech.

Comment This is addressed in article. (Score 1) 735

"I disagree. A terrible idea with a beautifully executed development goes no where. A great idea that is hacked together with shell scripts and kilometers of spaghetti code can make someone a fortune and (lame as it sounds) change the world."

From the linked article

"Many "idea people" tend to think most or all of the value inheres to having the idea. Programmers are a commodity, pulled off the shelf to clean up the details. It's just a small matter of programming, right?

On the other side, some programmers tend to think that most or all of the value inheres to executing the idea. But you can't execute what you don't have."

So the professor definitely understands the value of the idea (though if one only read the slashdot summary, one might think he didn't). IMO ideas are "easier". It takes less effort and time to come up with one. It might takes months or years to implement it however.

That said, it doesn't mean ideas are not important. An example that people here can probably understand is id Software before and after Romero. To paraphrase, Romero was the "idea" guy and Carmack was the implementor. Carmack places/placed very little value in things like design/story (i.e ideas) in video games, while Romero put almost ALL value in ideas (see: Ion Storm, "design is law").

Using this example, one can surmise that a great idea in the absense of a good implemenation may result in a bad product (Daikatana)...or no product at all (Duke Nukem Forever). However, a bad/mediocre idea with a good implementation will result in a "good", but uninspiring product (Doom 3).

If you had to choose one, better to have the latter than the former. You just have to accept that fewer people will accept your product as being "great". The trap that many programmer fall into is in translating this to mean that ideas are not important at all. Not true. If you think this, you will be passed by your competitors just as id Software has (yes, I know some people still think id still makes the best FPS, but this is the minority opinion, these days).

Comment Re:If Americans are unemployable.... (Score 1) 1144

Umm.. because it's written by programmers? :)
Seriously, this is standard no matter what the nationality.

Seriously. While I don't doubt that most outsourced code is crap, I do take issue with the implication that most American-written code is great. All the posts that imply this should be modded +5 Funny.

Like Americans, I'm sure Indian out-sourced firms are on projects allocated a fraction of the resources (in time, money, manpower, etc) as is actually needed. Under those conditions, you simply are not going to get great code from anyone.

Comment Interesting Opinions on Programming Languages... (Score 1) 111

"When I moved from Pascal to C++ to create Jill of the Jungle, it was a real shock that people would actually be using a programming language that was so bad for large-scale development. To think that operating systems are built in that sort of language was really terrifying. "

Very interesting point. I wish they'd gone into more detail around programming languages...

Comment Re:"Shockingly"?? (Score 3, Informative) 469

You're being unfair.

Parent asks:
"Gotta say that was a very long post that repeated a lot of conventional wisdom but said almost nothing to answer OP's question..."
"What is it specifically that requires us to lose consciousness to get what we need from sleep?"

The grandparent post answered that question with:
"I think the biggest thing you need sooner or later is REM sleep, not just a lie down. Lack of REM sleep (which, as we'll see is possible while technically still getting some sleep) can result in actual brain damage, or in the very long run even death."

Sure he didn't say "The thing that specifically requires us to lose concious to get what we need from sleep is REM sleep", but he did answer the question.


Submission + - German physicists claim to break light speed (telegraph.co.uk)

5cary writes: "The Telegraph is reporting that a pair of German physicists claim to have broken the speed of light — "an achievement that would undermine our entire understanding of space and time." By making microwave photons travel instantly between two prisms. The prisms were apparently about 3 feet apart. How do you discern "instantaneously" from 186,000 miles per second in just 3 feet?"

Submission + - The Greening of Wal-Mart's Supply Chain

An anonymous reader writes: The Titan of retail outlets has been Greening their entire process for almost two years with surprising results. As a critic of Wal-Mart I never expected to see them positioning themselves to not only take advantage of easy Green cost savings but to win the Green argument versus other major retailer outlets. The depth of these efforts has even made it part of the daily jobs of their EVPs and many of their SVPs. This article by Standford Associate Professor Erica Plambeck lays out how it started, where they're at, and where they're going with their effort to become Green.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - 4th Edition Dungons and Dragons Announced

An anonymous reader writes: Wizards of the coast has announced that the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons will be released in May 2008 for the Player's Handbook, June 2008 for the Dungeon Master's Guide, and July 2008 Monster Manual. Check out enworld and Wizard Universe if you cannot reach the Wizards site..

Submission + - Skype is down

szo writes: The whole skype network is down, according to the announcement it will take 12-24 hours to come back online.

Submission + - Electronic Arts abandons OS X release schedule (vnunet.com)

pete314 writes: "Electronic Arts promised at June's WWDC that it would launch OS X games on the same day as its Windows versions, but the gaming developer has now come back from promise. Instead the company will be looking to launch OS X versions "as close as possible". Games released for Windows in July will have their OS X versions on store shelves "soon". August launches including Madden 2008 won't be available for OS X until October."

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