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Comment Re:oops (Score 5, Interesting) 293

Probably no one. With a few notable exceptions (bacterial meningitis, TB) most bacterial infections aren't very contagious. You mainly pick them up if you're exposed to a large source of them in the environment (drinking or swimming in contaminated water, poorly cleaned kitchens, cuts, that kind of thing) or if you have an already weakened immune system.

Comment Re:Mystery solved (Score 1) 133

XX vs XY chromosome (which determines the sex of humans) is determined by which spermatozoa attaches to the egg, and is therefore determined at conception, barring any genetic abnormality (such as Klinefelter syndrome). OP is, for some reason, confusing gender with sex, or possibly both with sexual characteristics, which are not quite the same thing (though all three are very strongly correlated).

Comment Re:Same Problem (Score 2) 435

That has the same problem. It may be 360 but it's just 2D. I would say it's 3D only when each eye is at least delivered different perspectives, which NO 360 capture devices I am aware of today do...

In the Rift/Vive/Gear, each eye is delivered different perspectives. It is true 3D. I don't think there's a commercial off-the-shelf capture system for such video yet, but you can whip up a custom rig and take true stereoscopic 180/360 video. Now, current capture devices only work from a fixed perspective (so no head moving to look around objects, outside real-time CGI rendered scenes), but they actually demoed tech that allows you to move your head.

Comment Re:Peoples Republic of Commiefornia (Score 1) 171

I did read the article. It said a) nothing about what the standards actually require, b) nothing about how they will be enforced, c) gives estimates for cost increased/saved from the people responsible for the regulations (so, not likely to be unbiased), and d) actually, now that I look at it, tells me nothing at all besides said estimates (which like most government predictions are almost certainly worth considerably less than the paper they're written on). There's no listing of the standards, no link to the standards, nothing about them at all besides

The California standards set a benchmark for a machine's overall energy use and leave manufacturers the flexibility to choose which efficiency measures to use to meet it

which tells me nothing at all (for example: I build my own computers. Will the standards apply to self-built systems? Cause if so, that's really, really bad news for computer enthusiasts, whose systems frequently consume well over the average amounts of power). Will it constrain overclocking or otherwise tampering with the computer's power consumption? I don't know, because the article not only doesn't say, it doesn't link to anything that says.

Comment Re:Hate speech is pretty well defined (Score 4, Insightful) 1058

And there were many (*many*) people this election cycle who disparagingly attacked Trump supporters as "white male heterosexual virgins", which is offending all kinds of protected classes, none of whom (or very few of whom) were kicked off twitter. If someone on the other side of the spectrum had gone on about "black trans lesbian sluts", they'd have gotten banned by Twitter more or less instantly.

Nota bene: I'm not a Trump supporter, just really sick of the racist assholes on both sides of the political spectrum, and even more disgusted at the power-hungry self-righteous hypocrites on the left who seek to control other peoples speech by trying to re-define words to make their opponents look bad (like, for instance, claiming you simply can't *be* racist against white people).

Comment Re:TV BS (Score 3, Informative) 220

No, there really isn't. It's hard to get good statistics for the number of gay/trans people in the US, but of the ethnicities, only Hispanics are underrepresented. Statistics on Hollywood characters can be found here, and statistics on the demographics of the US can be found here (though the comparison is a bit confused, as hispanic != not-white, so I don't know what the PBS numbers consider as hispanic vs white).

Comment Re:Need to focus on priorities here! (Score 1) 393

Yes, all those massive fields of corn growing in California. Wait, not California, the Midwest. Were farms actually get rain. So much rain, in fact, farmers often install tile drainage to eliminate excess water (and the excess ends up either evaporating and coming back as rain, or filtering down through the soil to aquifers). Not all water is equally valuable.

California does produce some corn, but it's a tiny fraction of the US grain production total.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 3, Informative) 107

It makes no sense to use a simulated nuke shape that actually has a radioactive, dangerous, and expensive restricted component when it can easily be simulated by replacing it with a safe, inert, and cheap substance.

They removed the plutonium core (which is radioactive and expensive), and only had natural uranium, which on its own is none of those things (well, technically it's radioactive, but only barely. You could eat it without getting radiation poisoning. It'd kill you from heavy metal poisoning, but not radiation). Hell, you can buy it off Amazon. It's also almost twice as dense as lead, so you can't simulate it with lead (and anything close in density is fantastically rare and expensive, like platinum and gold). Not sure why they'd have TNT inside, though maybe they wanted to make sure it wouldn't explode during the transit process.

Comment Re:Unless we know the number of non-dupes. (Score 1) 488

Or, and I know this is crazy, you can not vote for the lesser of two evils, and actually vote for someone you think would make a good candidate. If a significant percentage of the US population did that, we'd not have either Trump or Hillary. In fact, I think if everyone who liked neither Trump nor Hillary voted for someone else, neither would win. Of course, they won't do that, because they've been told that if they actually voted for a decent candidate instead of a bad candidate, the even-more bad candidate would win. Democracy sucks sometimes.

Comment Re:Professional (anything) requires spectators (Score 1) 64

Yes, there is a market. But I doubt that it will ever become any bigger than for other niche games like chess or curling. There are also fans of either, but neither has any kind of mass appeal.

People said the same thing about video games 10,20,30 years ago. Now, video gaming is a ~$100 billion USD industry that makes ~2.5 times the revenue of global box office sales (all film/TV revenue together is still quite a bit more, at ~$300 billion, but the gap is closing). And only ~$40 billion of that is mobile gaming. The days of video gaming being a "niche market" are long since over. And you can easily do weekly events, though no ones started doing that yet, in part because if you want to watch video games, you can hope on Twitch and watch them anytime, no need to limit yourself to a few hours a day on one specific day. Hell, the top 5 games on Twitch right now have ~500,000 people watching them.

Comment Re:Sorry NO (Score 1) 179

Except that OP's logic is the same as that being used in the suit against Facebook. The ridiculousness of the logic is OP's entire point. Facebook didn't commit, incite, or in any way encourage the hate speech. All they did was offer a platform that allowed others to engage in it. They even actively moved to remove the illegal content, they just (allegedly) didn't do so quickly enough. The suit is holding Facebook responsible not for anything they did, but for something others did with their platform.

Comment Re:Bullcrap! (Score 1) 95

You do know that the scoring doesn't give you extra points for having LOTS of stuff in your file, right?

Actually, it does. Both longer history and greater variety of credit will increase at least most credit scores (they all calculate credit a bit differently, but FICO, for example, uses both length and variety). Without knowing the specific scoring system, it's hard to say more (for example, FICO only goes to 850, and she sure as shit didn't get a 849 after 2 years of 1 credit card).

Comment Re: Why not remove the screen too (Score 1) 675

In what way? The base 2016 MBP is $1,500 for a dual-core 2.0 Ghz processor, 8GB RAM (max), and integrated graphics. The Thinkpad I bought last year was virtually the same (albeit last generation CPU/graphics, not that it makes much performance difference), except it has a second RAM SODIMM so I can get up to 12GB of RAM. Only major feature that was lower is the display, which is only 1080p, all for ~$950. And it includes Ethernet, VGA, SD card, and 3 USB ports (the base MBP has only 2 USB-C ports, 1 of which will be used for charging 90% of the time). Oh and it has both m.2 and 2.5" sata drive compatibility, not a proprietary physical drive format that you can only get from Apple (like the new MBP does). So, yes, 50% more expensive, and far fewer features, and less upgradeability, and less repairability.

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