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Comment Re:Nice, but hardly new. (Score 1) 50

Google Maps struggles badly with offline caching. And if you have to recalculate when you don't have data? You're probably SOL, even with cached data in Google Maps. And if you're not in or around one of the top 10 largest US metros? All bets are off with Google Maps even if you do have a solid data connection, they just don't care about keeping the map current where you are then. Osmand doesn't tend to suffer any of these problems.

Comment Re:Unions (Score 4, Interesting) 594

Unions certainly had their time and place in history, but these days it seems to be less about standing up for the little guy and more about how much money can we bring in via Union Dues. ( My opinion of course, I work within a Union Company )

Sounds like your union sucks, therefore all unions suck? Maybe you should get more involved in your union.

That said, $21 an hour is a rather laughable wage in a State with a high cost of living like California.

That's rather the union's point, is it not?

Comment Re:What I love (Score 1) 78

I'm not sure why you're calling out "hardcore liberals" here. I have no doubt that hardcore conservatives also "park" in the way you describe.

Because American politics have a conservative wing that is so far out there and is so convinced that they are entitled to having a monoculture that anything that has a neutral point of review, and by extension, reality itself, has a "hardcore liberal bias" from their perspective. The same ones that think Breitbart and Fox News are neutral, and NPR and BBC are leftist plots to make them look stupid. I'd love to say this was a rare thing, but it seems this is the nominal middle of the modern Republican movement.

Comment Re:Except they didn't. (Score 2) 455

No, because (somewhat ironically) its illegal to pay Americans that little.

The lawsuits says that workers were "brought-in", and were mostly H1-B holders. H1-B holders need to be paid market salary.

If it's anything like the way Intel does things in Hillsboro, yeah, that's not happening. They just lied to INS to get H1B visas and are paying 'em less than a Taco Bell manager makes.

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