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Comment Re: Mint (Score 1) 510

Linux is very much for power users, but my perception is that that is because of its lack of market share more than any desire on the part of developers or users that everyone be advanced users. In fact, Canonical tries to help non-technical users as much as they can. But, as long as Windows and Mac are "good enough" for most non-technical users, the situation won't change because there is not enough of a market incentive. I have experimented with Linux for over a decade, have a media box that runs on a recent stable release of Ubuntu, and even used Ubuntu as my primary OS for over a year, and can't say that all Linux users want everyone to be a power user. Nor do all developers.

Comment Re:The end? (Score 1) 200

Companies and unions becoming greedy is not unusual. Uber succeeded because they offered an alternative that was cheaper for the end user. How? Because they had no regulatory burden (thanks to misrepresenting themselves as a tech company instead of a gypsy cab company) and foisting the costs off onto the contractor drivers. The conduct of the cab and limo companies is a separate issue and belongs in a separate discussion.

Comment Uber is a scam (Score 2) 726

As I have said before, Uber is a cab company that avoids the regulation of a cab company. "How many cabs do they own?" None. That's another aspect of how they privatize the profits and socialize the costs of doing business. Do not construe this as my blaming the drivers themselves. They are guys trying to make a living. I get it. But the "ride-sharing" industry is still a scam, pure and simple.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 399

+1 Google "dumb TV". We are not the only ones who just want a big screen to display content captured by hardware of our own choosing that can be swapped out, mixed, matched, and replaced at our whim.

Comment Re:And Uber isn't a taxi cab company either (Score 1) 230

You make a good point, but I believe my point stands as well: They provide a comparable service to the local taxi cab companies. Your statement, in fact, speaks to the point I did not make very well--that they have found a way to provide a comparable service with none of the overhead of a regular cab company. I still consider Uber and Lyft more of a transportation provider than a tech company.

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