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Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

Automation can free humanity from having to work for basic needs such as food, clothing and housing.

The question, however, is how the benefits of automation will be distributed.
If the "owners" don't want to share, we'll have a dystopian future.
They can produce so cheap, but noone will buy what they produce.
The "1%" could make life miserable for the rest of us, use a robotized force to keep us under the thumb and bathe in luxury and wellbeing themselves.
Sooner or later infighting will come and the 1% will also destroy themselves (helped by the robots used for crowd control).

If we as humans can find a mechanism to share the benefits, we could have a good future.
We'll have to do with current ideologies and economic systems, and invent something new.

Comment Re:Experts Say? (Score 1) 272

In this atmosphere of fake news, being overshadowed by short-term commercial interests (click-bait and the like), it is well possible that this opens potential to outside manipulation. And of those, Russia is a likely candidate, w.r.t. motivation and capability.

Before, it was mainly government propaganda, yes there has been some of that, more or less, since the beginning of television and radio.

Comment Re:Nice previously researched spin in the "article (Score 2) 413

True if the intensity is too much. The same can be said from industrial air pollution, traffic, the neighbours cooking food that I don't like etc. etc.

Yes cigarette smoke in a car is too strong, but smoke from the neighbours? The smoke won't hurt you, yet you can smell it. There are many smells in the world, and many tastes.

If it is bad or not depends on the health of the population at large, the cost for society in terms of health, money and quality of life.

In that sense, I would asume that substituting marijana for tobacco, would be an improvement.

Just like with cigarettes, forcing others to smoke passively should not be allowed.

Comment Intellectual property is the only hope left (Score 4, Insightful) 126

for the USA: manufacturing is done elsewhere, so it tries to monopolize the worlds intelectual property and tries to turn it into something protected and ever more valuable, extending copyrights indefinately and bullying any country that doesn't play ball.

We can only hope for and wait for the total downfall and collapse of the US economy, before this madnes ends.

Comment In 1991, our secretary changed the tapes (Score 1) 460

As part of "cost savings" back in 1991, managers decided that the secretary would be able to rotate the backup tapes, instead of IT staff.
After 6 months of hacking and developing, we had a crash of 2 disks simultaneously.
It turned out, all backups, offsite, offline, had all been made on cleaning tapes. Error messages had been ignored.

There is nothing new here. People and managers keep taking shortcuts and hope for the best.

Comment Re:more squeezing by the 1% (Score 1) 78

If you call that squeezing by the 1%, I think you're overstating the value of human financial advice.
It has been negative in recent years mostly.

The human advice that is worth anything, has already been reserved for customers with $1m and more for a long time (at least at the swiss banks).
There are different types of products available above certain limits.
The rest get other types of human advice, namely the worthless type.

In fact, RBS is doing all customers below 250k pounds a favor.

The truely rich clients have their own staff and private financial advisors, that use the banks facilities for trading and deposits, but nothing else, by the way.
Those are the only advisors that have true benefit.

Comment No advertisement is acceptable to me (Score 1) 159

Advertisement is a huge waste of resources:

Companies spend a part of their profits to spread subjective (i.e. false) information.
This is paid for in the end by the consumers themselves, as the advertising budget is paid from the profits.

So we as consumers pay, to get annoyed, to get our time wasted, and to get false information.

Advertisement is a plague of humanity, I'll do everything to shield myself from it.

Comment Re:American people should have a voice (Score 1) 629

You cannot change the rules during the game.

The rules say the president can nominate someone.

They don't say he can do that only until X days before the end of his term.
There is no legal basis to suddenly come up with that argument.

If there were: where would the the line be drawn? 1 year before end of term, 2 years, 3, even 4?!?
What has happened in the past? Would it be a precedent to appoint someone now, in the last year of his term?

I doubt it. It sounds more than a power grab game, bringing up ad-hoc arguments to win a fight.
That is unworthy of a state with rule of law.

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