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Journal BWJones's Journal: SMITE II deadline reminder 5

This is a reminder for the SMITE II content deadline on Friday. I'll actually accept submissions anytime over the weekend, but Monday at Midnight is an absolute hard cutoff as people want to see what all of us are doing. If you have a blog, you can simply submit the information including images from your blog and I will also link to it which will increase your page-rank as it will be linked from an academic page (my blog), that has a shockingly high page-rank with Google for some reason.

For reference, the first SMITE can be seen here: Slashdot Moment In TimE

1) You can send me (bryan [dot] jones [at] utah [dot] edu) your pictures, text and video as long as you preface your email with the word "SMITEII". I will reply with a notice saying "received". If you do not receive this send me an email without the attachments and we'll figure it out, but there should be no problems as long as you are not sending me hundreds of MBs of material.

2) Please name your photographs with a descriptive. i.e. Katie.jpg or duck.jpg or coffee.jpg

3) If you are going to send me something that is really big in size (more than 10MB or so, please give me a heads up.

4) I am not an arbiter of taste for anyone but myself, but please do not send anything that would get me into legal trouble for hosting it.

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SMITE II deadline reminder

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