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Comment Re: They respond to warrants?! (Score 1) 106

Because the order was overly broad and was requesting that they build software for the FBI that could potentially be used for additional cases sans warrant. Apple was cooperating with them until the FBI requested that, in fact Apple was cooperating with them prior to receiving a warrant because they understood that this case was of importance for public safety - then the FBI asked for the keys to the candy store and Apple shut them down.

Comment Re:They respond to warrants?! (Score 1) 106

I use some cloud services - photo sharing, email, things like that, if someone sees my vacation pics I don't care. What I don't do is upload a backup of my phone to the cloud. It's stored locally and it's password protected. Yes, the password could be cracked but end of the day I don't save anything earth shattering in it and I've raised the bar significantly - no fappening for me!

Likewise system backups are done locally as is media storage - my storage has grown over the years and been upgraded as needed. I'm currently pondering backup up to the cloud - but it will be within an AES 256 encrypted blob that I have control over and password protected. Again, it could be cracked but I'm balancing risk vs gain here and this backup will be a "break glass" sort of thing and not something I ever hope to HAVE to use. I'll use a hefty long password for it for sure - kept in a password manager that's also storing AES 256 blobs for me.

I don't run this on a full on RAID box either. I use unRAID which boots from a thumb drive and seldom needs patching. It maximises space for drives consumed, minimizes electricity use, and if I want can run Docker or even VMs as needed but I don't do that. I do run VMs on another server though but it's kept separate and could burn up and not touch my main storage. The unRAID box just purrs in a closet, I've run one for about 7 or more years now - no data loss.

Comment Re:They respond to warrants?! (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Exactly! Metadata is things like IP addresses of logins or names of accounts. These are things they have to have in order to operate and it's not something they can deny a valid warrant. AOL, Google, Yahoo!, and many many other companies respond to these requests. But if they cannot get at the data they cannot turn it over. Some companies, like Yahoo! apparently, give way more than others but if they couldn't get to the data they couldn't and Apple claims they no longer can. Put a good password on your account, your backups, and good grief don't use the cloud. How hard is that? Non-story unless they can show that Apple is breaking the most recent crypto...

Comment Re:Summaries, how do they work? (Score 1, Interesting) 86

You might also be interested to know that Microsoft is adopting Docker as well. That you haven't heard of it is a little surprising because it's been talked about awhile both here and elsewhere. I too am in the Windows world nearly all of the time and had heard of it although I've yet to use it (one of my Linux based systems supports it though). It looks like pretty interesting concept although when I approach Linux guys about it the first thing they say is that it's a security nightmare

Comment Re:No Backdoorts (Score 3, Insightful) 345

I'll never forget getting pushback from a lawyer regarding a desire to use AES with a claim that I'd need an export certificate. I pointed out that AES wasn't developed in the United States and that when I went to the Bureau of Standards website at the time that it linked to a foreign website for sources. Now how exactly was that an EXPORT or cryptography? Do these idiots think this country has a monopoly on crypto? On MATH? If they force the likes of Apple and Google to build in back doors then people will simply run their own apps to enforce it and they will be no closer to what they want. Sure, let's kill the cash cow that is our tech industry why don't we? Idiots...

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

Buy a tankless - endless hot water on demand! I compared the two efficiency graphs between the newish one I was dumping (remodel) and the new tankless. The tankless was way to the left in the cheap zone and the other was mode to the middle of the right on the higher cost zone. Then I realized that the two graphs didn't overlap! I was skeptical but sure enough my gas usage in the Summer time when the only appliance using gas was the water heater went down year to year in the first year I owned it. Hell in the Summer the fees cost me as much or more than my gas usage. I have endless hot water too for as long as I want to shower. The only two issues are that in super freezing temps I have to be careful not to run the shower and the jets at the same time as it can begin to overrun the heater with the arctic water coming in. The second "issue" was that I was required to get and use a softener because the water here is so hard it would kill the heating coils as they superheated the water flowing through. Not been a big deal though as the soap works much better and I got the added benefit of a whole house filter :-)

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

Toto Drake - best low flow toilet I've ever seen and I've yet to replace a part in mine after more than 5 years. I chose it after speaking to multiple plumbers at a trade show - they told me these things were great and I had one installed in my new addition. WOW! Works great. I wish I'd gotten the soft close lid option and the taller height but when I replace the rest of my toilets I WILL get those options :-)

Oh and it doesn't cost a pile more than the junk at the big box stores...

Comment Re:Won't work (Score 2) 481

Oh and a little thing called a flexfuel sensor. The link below is to an OEM part, I'm about to install a fuel system on my car that uses one of them. I'm not sure I'd call it a hack since the software to function on a WIDE range of alcohol levels is pretty decently different and must accept input from that sensor. Seems that "e85" often isn't and in Winter has more gasoline in it to promote cold start. You may also find out your piddly little gasoline injectors can't handle the flow for ethanol use and that many injectors fail when exposed to e85 unless specifically designed for it and most OEM injectors are NOT although they finally seem to have the fuel lines and tanks done right. Sorry but on this one you're talking out of your ass if you think it's just a software flip.

P.S. Any vehicle that can run on both alcohol AND gasoline isn't running on alcohol "efficiently". Generally you want a ton more compression or a good bit more boost if it happens to be turbocharged. Alcohol makes a great race fuel but it's got much less bang per mole.

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