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Comment Re:The only problem is... (Score 1) 131

It's about the right to tell a web site, to which you have previously provided information, that it must remove that information.

Well, some people think it's the right to censor the web. I.e tell Google to forget everything you know about me, including the links to the news sites detailing how I stole money from people, etc... The right to be forgot isn't about deleting data from facebook, it's about erasing mistakes and shady backgrounds. I am pro-privacy, but anti-right-to-forgotten.

On the other hand, if it is about deleting data *you* uploaded to a site/service, how about just using sites/services which up front offer a "delete all me data" option?

Comment Re:Carburetor??? (Score 1) 215

I agree- I *believe* engine control/management/safety are on a different bus from playthings. Or at least I hope they are.

You *believe* incorrectly.

Got to love the way there is nothing keeping the cellphone chip from talking to the rest of the car and no way of turning it off.... Mailing USB sticks with a ford sticker on them is just creating another attack vector.

Comment Pentium Pro? (Score 2) 422

"I keep a Pentium Pro CPU on my desk underneath my monitor because it reminds me of simpler times."

You kids and your new shit. Nothing simple about a 32-bit CISC chip. When I was a kid we had 8-bit CPUs and liked it! I didn't wait for a "Computer Shopper" with a demo CD, I had to write my games/apps! If I was lucky I could type in some buggy code from a magazine and try to get it to run.

Every now and then I still play Elite. And dock without docking computers.

Comment Re:device or camera? (Score 4, Funny) 248

I dunno - my 4yo has a $30 camera, 640x480 video and 3MP still. It's not state of the art by any stretch, but right now the quality of the picture is far more limited by user skill than technical quality. (And I don't mind her running around with it, because.. well... it's 30 bucks.

I'm trying to figure out why the poll has two "I owe the universe three cameras" options. (Doesn't anyone actually use algebra properly anymore?)

Yes, but your's is 4 years old, a new kids should come with much better cameras. And come on, it would be totally worth it to spend an extra $70 4 years ago and get a 12MP model. Soon kids will be coming with a giga-pixel as standard, then where will your 3MP version be? How are you going to feel explaining to him that his resolution is so bad because you would only folk out $30...

Comment Re:But does it run RISC OS? (Score 1) 106

Ah, somebody who remembers ARM's beginning.

From the SparcFun page:

In the past, ARM processors were notoriously unfriendly in non-professional environments due to proprietary tool chains and unfamiliar instruction sets. Because of this, they were conspicuously absent from classrooms and hobbyists’ workbenches.

ARM start off in the classroom in form of the Archimedes A3xx, the instruction set is simple and easy to learn, I've always found it very easy to get specs for an ARM chip (at least the ARM part, often combined with another chip on the same silicon, can't speak for the none ARM parts). I learnt the ARM instruction set in 1989 as teenager and pretty much every thing I learnt is still relevant. The

Anyway, long live Acorn Risc Machine!!!! Long live Acorn Risc Machine!!!! Long live Acorn Risc Machine!!!!

Comment Did they make a profit? (Score 1) 333

Given that they didn't have to pay any human staff, and 50% of customers paid, did they make or lose money? Also, if the automated teller hadn't of shutdown due to alcohol being purchased, would the number of paying customer have been much higher?

  • 1) Fire human employees.
  • 2) User computers.
  • 3) Relie on human honesty
  • 4) Profit!

Comment Re:Stupid slashdot editors (Score 4, Interesting) 174

I notice other subtle attempts to discredit Iranian domestically produced equipment in the US/western press. When ever an "allied" power makes a press release or claim to have produced it's own version of something (a submarine, rocket, satellite, etc.), the press refers to it as "domestically produced". When Iran makes a press release or claim to have made the same thing, the press calls it "home made", which seems to imply it was name in somebodies garage at home (and it's comparable to things like the home made Chinese oil drum submarine).

Comment Re:Cheating? (Score 1) 693

Ah, so when the Bing toolbar is installed, it indexes every page and link the user visits, to the point that if a couple of users are on a page with a random character string and link on a link it will update the Bing search engine/indexes. If so it would seem that Bing's index would be polluted with spam links, other people are spending a lot more time trying to get links into Bing than Google is. And as for your example with ford, this doesn't seem valid, since Bing already has index entries for ford (and other normal/popular terms), this is about what bing does when it doesn't have any results.

This certainly doesn't look like FUD from google's part, it does seem kind of clever of MS, but also seems rather questionable from a moral point of view, I doubt it's illegal like some people where claiming.


Comment Re:Cheating? (Score 1) 693

Eh, what? Can you explain "purposefully seeded information" and "could have done the same with other web pages"? I don't get your point, or understand what you are trying to claim (other than Google did something bad, but I am not sure what).

Note, my response is a simplified answer to the "how could they have done that" question posed earlier. I am not claiming that this is what happened, just offering a possible answer to somebody's question.

Comment Re:Cheating? (Score 1) 693

where does the string come from?

Somebody typed the word into a Bing query entry box and hit submit. I.e.: A person searches for a term, and if Bing doesn't have any results for that term, then it goes to, performs a search for the same term and returns those results. Does that help?

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