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Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1, Insightful) 764

1. The global temperature will increase - predicted by Hansen's model from early eighties. There is an observed increase in temperature.

That's not an AGW prediction, that's also a predication based on us just coming out an ice age. Try again please.

2. Arctic and antarctic to warm faster than rest of the planet - predicted by all models. Observed.

That's not an AGW prediction, it's a prediction of warming no matter what the source. Try again please.

3. Troposphere to warm and stratosphere to cool - predicted by all models. Observed.

And yet again, not an anthropogenic prediction, but a prediction for the increase of many GHG's from a great many reasons.

4. Increasing signature of CO2 in long wave spectrum form top of atmosphere. Observed by satellite spectrographically.

Which is not an AGW prediction, but a prediction tied to increased CO2 concentrations. The nature of the correlation is hardly well spoken to.

5. Increasing acidification of the oceans. Observed.

Strike 5.

and plenty more where those came from. Please cut the crap about climate science not being falsifiable. Try looking at the evidence, the science and the facts for a change.

Please present the 'others' then. The real trick to AGW as a theory is falsifiable predictions are hard to come by. Virtually all the observations and data that can be gathered about it still rely on an understanding of the relationship between human CO2 emissions and global CO2 concentrations, and then from global CO2 concentrations to long term climate trends. It's easily proven that increased CO2 increases warming. Demonstrating that human activity has introduced so much new CO2 as to cause historically unprecedented warming requires extraordinary proof. I've yet to find any articles claiming evidence above the level of suggestive.

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