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Comment coding minecraft, not playing. (Score 1) 88

>just spent their "Hour of Code" playing Minecraft.

This is absolute bull.
My 6yo daughter enjoyed sessions, PROGRAMMING minecraft characters with for loops, if statements and such.
Not playing it.
There is a difference.

The minecraft lessons were really well done, with intermezzo's of Mojang programmers explaining stuff in videos.
It get's a thumbs up from this parent, at least.

Comment It's summer-time, no need to heat your office! (Score 1, Interesting) 156

Nah... the sweet spot is still on the 750Ti, which is a nice 60W GPU that has plenty oompf and costs just $180,-
Why would you want to heat your office with an extra 0.25KWatt heater if you don't live in Alaska?
Top Tip: Pass on this one, and take the 750Ti.

Comment Fusion will save the day (Score 1) 343

People are overly concerned about nuclear fission due to radioactive waste.
Nuclear fusion, on the other hand produces no or little waste, and yields much more energy to boot.

We've done fusion before, with hydrogen bombs.
All we have to do is contain it in a powerplant, and all the worlds energy problems are over.

Comment Re:Computable? Simulatable? (Score 1) 199

I think the quantum eraser experiment is a strong indication that our universe is (lazy) computed.

A photon shot at double slit is a wave.
But only if you do not measure which slit was taken.
Or if you do measure: only if you destroy the measurement result.

I think the universe does lazy evaluation on which slit is taken.
If the result turns out to be 'not used' then the computation is skipped, and the light is approximated with a wave.

So not only is it a sim, the extra dimensional higher order entity running the sim cares about speed of computation.

Comment Mouse Over (Score 1) 273

So how does it handle those (most) apps that use mouse-over? It does not work with a touch screen. Jobs is right.

And if you want flash for the vector graphics and animation: you should not. SVG has both, and is an open standard.

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