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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Q: Is Fran/Balthier beastiality? A:...

Viera. Don't. Have. Tails.

Bipedal, hairless, opposible thumbs, tailbone, mammary glands, child-bearing hips, what more do you want? I find it frustrating that people shit on the one sensible relationship in the new Squeenix game with misdirected fursecution (isn't that what they call it?). Then they have the nerve to complain that there isn't any good character interaction in the FF series. I think what they really want is some overt bishounen protagonist on antagonist and nothing will satisfy them until they get it. (eye roll)

Fran -- less than 5% furry, and a substantial part of your balanced breakfast! (Also, she's got good Mist Knacks, so you should really try her as a chain lead.)


Journal Journal: I will pay anyone $20 for Fred Gallagher's "Blurred"

Fred Gallagher used to have a site on megatokyo called "Blurred" where he hosted a short h-doujinshi, amongst other things. This was all pre-Megatokyo. You can still find the front page and other evidence using the Wayback machine.

I'll pay anyone who can give me some or all of the content that used to be on that site. Fred has tried very hard to make sure no trace of his previous work exists... and I'm trying extra hard to unearth it from the digital grave.

If you can think of anyone who might have archived the site and burnt it to a CD-R shoved under old copies of "Milk" in the back of a closet somewhere, please let me know.


Journal Journal: Windows XP and 2003 + auditing == issues 2

Has anyone else experienced this?


1) A system with Windows XP or Server 2003
2) A bunch of local users without administrative privledges
3) Poorly written software that triggers the following issue:
MSKB 837115
4) You've enabled the option "Audit: Shut down system immediately if unable to log security audits" under Local Security Policy (i.e. HKLM\System \CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\CrashOnAuditFail = 1)


One day your users call you up and claim "I can't log in anymore! It says 'User is not permitted to login at this computer'". You scratch your head in confusion.

You think to yourself: Did auditing fail for some reason, thus preventing mortals from using the system? Check the security log... no, it's not even close to full. Check for low disk space ... no you've got plenty.

So then you check your System log and you see a bunch of event IDs of 1517 and 1524 leading up to the point where people couldn't log in anymore. Userenv is complaining about profiles not unloading probably.

You're thinking: shit... user profile corruption. So you try restoring the user profiles from backup... no dice. The only thing that works is adding the user to Administrator group temporarily.

Actual Cause:

Unknown... but the real problem seems to be that sometimes when userenv tries putting off unloading a profile, it can cause auditing to fail. I can't figure out why. The result of auditing failing is... the system immediately shuts down and reboots, and then no one but Administrator can log in.

That is until you disable the CrashOnAuditFail setting... reboot, then re-enable it, and reboot again. At this point users can log in. (Incidentally, you _still_ need to do this if auditing fails because of a disk space condition, deleting files to make space is only the first part, then you need to do the disable->reboot->re-enable->reboot dance)

Problem 'solved'.

I've had this happen twice so far, and that UPHclean tool that Microsoft has doesn't seem to really do anything that I can tell. Anyone have any experience with this or have any insight?
We'd like to get to the bottom of this and really fix the problem.



Journal Journal: Help with linux and video recording...

I was reading this article that mentioned MythTV and I began wondering if anyone had an experience with this...

What I want to be able to do (ultimately) is to capture an MPEG2-TS directly from OTA HDTV, and more importantly, digital cable or satellite (DirecTV/Dish/whatever). In Linux.

So far I think my only option is to somehow get an old Dish Model 5000 with that extra 8VSB modulator that plugs into the back, then somehow get a PCTV2000 or 3000.

And even then I think that the Dish model 5000 is incompatible with a lot of new HD channels (like DiscoveryHD) and they want you to upgrade to the 6000 which has no convienent outputs.

Of course, I could always suffer one analog conversion stage... but even that's tricky.

Best bet I think would be to secure one of those AJA Y-Cr-Cb to HD-SDI converter boxes, and then somehow get an AJA HD-SDI 601 card and convince Linux Media Arts to part with just the OEM card, not a whole fucking server.

It'd be tons better than a conversion to S-Video and back... but it'd probably cost me at least $1000, not counting the cost of receiver.

Any ideas?

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: It's my birthday! 2

Well, actually it was Sept. 1st, but I'm celebrating it today. ::dances::

PS - Still waiting for more detail on MUA-side mail classifiers.


Journal Journal: Looking for a generic mail classifier... 1

Does anyone know where I can get a generic mail classifier for Mozilla or Thunderbird? The junk mail filter is nice, but I'd like to be able to classify things as "other than junk" as well. It's easier than having to write filters manually... plus, I mean, junk mail filters based on naive classifiers are just special cases of the N-group classifier.

Any ideas?

The Internet

Journal Journal: Help me buy cat5.net 5

Help me buy cat5.net
Those domain-squatting bastards want something like $800 for it. If I get enough people to pool their money to buy it, I'll host a site in all the donators honor, with free shell accounts, webhosting, unlimited mail aliases, the works.

Cat5.. Category 5, like the cable, and the hurricane. Get it? It's catchy and short.

Any takers?


Journal Journal: Nigritude Ultramarine: sounds vaguely appetizing doesn't it? 2

I want you to place a link to my nigritude ultramarine site on your website, slashdot, using the phrase "nigritude ultramarine" somewhere in the link text.

You can place it way at the bottom of your page, or in big H2.

It won't win me a prize from darkblue.net who's hosting this dumbass SEO competetion (because I haven't met all the requirements and added my little participation banner). So if you do this for me, you can only help make a statement.

If I won (or anybody else pulling the same stunt), it'd be a big fuck you to all those SEOs who don't understand why people hate them.

The Courts

Journal Journal: Daylight Savings Time 1

Let me just assert that Congress needs to pass a Consitutional Amendment to eliminate Daylight Savings Time before they can even consider one for or against gay marriage.

Let's focus on things that actually make an impact on our everyday lives, people.

GameCube (Games)

Journal Journal: SWAT 2065

Video game concept/proposal:

Imagine this... You have a wide screen TV. The left-hand side is a blistering directed-focus 3d shooter. Meanwhile you have a high-speed emergency vehicle careening around turns and through rush hour traffic on the right hand side.

It's the same game, from two different points of view. You've got the gunner, and the driver. Essentially you're a urban warfare vehicular unit, fending off terrorists/invading armies/aliens from an unsuspecting populace. Player one mans the guns, while player two tries to get you to the checkpoint in time. Each mission would have multiple objectives, which require certain performance from each player. You'd have to work together to do well and get past harder missions.

You can imagine scenarios: having the driver manuveur behind a bus on the gunner's command to be protected from incoming fire. To return fire, the driver hits the brakes/accelerates, clearing the bus and leaving an opening for the gunner.

If you can't find a friend to play, you could pick from a variety of driver/gunner AIs at the beginning of each mission from your crack team.

A 4-way (2 vs. 2) destruction derby and/or rally race is imperative.

The key here is that you have to have a widescreen TV to implement the side by side view. Maybe you could alter it to do a horizontal division on a 4:3 set, but then you probably need to rescript events to fit the camera track / road better.


Journal Journal: Hanako "Excel" Dosuki

And of course, this show must have a continuation. But I don't think ACROSS is welcome in F City, F Prefecture any longer. No, they need to strike somewhere they can rise to power virtually undetected, where police will give their antics and exploits nary a second glance.

Rio, St. Petersburg, and New York City. I'd say NYC, because if you run out of jokes, you can flip to Fox and steal them out of an old Seinfeld episode.

I don't know how many people "got" Excel Saga, but Across was supposed to be an abstraction of Western ideological movements, and how they attempt to eat away at the foundations of an otherwise rigid Japanese culture (which ultimately defeats them... they can never beat the "system" which sort of pays homage to it, even if Rikido didn't intend to). Excel is loud, rude and blonde. I kept thinking they were trying to peg her as some kind of loud-mouthed activist/valley girl. And as independant and self-willed as she believes she is, she is just a pawn in Ilpalazzo's scheme (policy toting, politically correct western bureaucrat, looking to extend his influence) And we have Pedro's struggle against "The Man". I'm sure that was a hard one to figure out... :-)

Why do a new season based in foreign city?
The tables become turned. Excel and her organization is now the Eastern influence trying to worm its way into a culture which doesn't try to keep it away, but could care less. While they are supposed to be outsiders, to American audiences ACROSS [the Japanese portrayal of (our) infringement on their culture] is just as foreign to us, as they were to them. Thus in this context, they are as Japanese to us as they were alien to Nippon in the original.
They don't have to become "more eastern" to set up the same culture clash in a new setting.

The challenge of ACROSS (and the writers of the show) becomes: can she worm her way into our hearts, and get us to "join Across"? Could we even work the culture clash/satire with enough tenacity to successfully syndicate back to the Japanese?

It's a challenge. I think it could work.


Journal Journal: New Law and Order Spin-off. 2

The Law and Order franchise has successfully branched into many subgenres of TV drama and can draw from other audiences.

LNO: CI (investigation heavy, Dragnet or NYPD Blue)
LNO: SVU (focus on family issues, ethnically diverse cast)
LNO: Third Watch (if you like ER...)

What about an animated Law and Order?
It could be about the port authority police (lots of drug busts, immigrants, fraud cases, terrorism).

LNO: NYTA (animated to capitalize on east meets west anime fetish, export drugework to korea, marketing gold mine)

Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: My Bizzare Idea about Open vs. Propietary Systems 2

Bear with me for a second.

There's nothing wrong with closed source systems, propietary technologies, etc, per se. The point is that it does the job well, and for the right price (whether cash, time, effort, flexibility, lockin, etc.) Lots of propietary technologies suck in this respect, while others are downright pleasant even for the hardcore technologist and tinkerer (IE. Solaris, which is why I used the Sun icon).

Here's my thinking.
An ideal situation is as follows:
The Company designed closes systems. These systems are particular powerful and useful, but standards oriented and malleable, so they have few drawbacks except for closed nature.
The OSS community develops software to interact with said system and gets help from the Company. The OSS brings value to the system, and Company helps make the OSS more useful.

At some point a particularly smart person involved in the OSS project "closes the loop" and figures out how to duplicate most of the functionality in the closed system by examining the interfaces, reading research papers, and just by being clever.

At this point, the Company now has competition: a free product that does the same thing as their product and interacts with the OSS that end-users might already also have. One of three things might happen:

1) Company changes the interfaces for all new releases to isolate the OSS system and client software.

2) Company litigates for IP violation

3) *** Company determines that it no longer has a competitve edge in designing the system as it has become widespread knowledge through other channels (the same ones they looked at during development), and decided to innovate or find a new angle ***

It is the choice for option 3 that helps move technology along at a pace that can keep up with our increasing demands. I think OSS helps to prevent the industry from stagnating by revealing the "common knowledge" in systems, and helps companies to discover where competetive niches truely lie.

Companies that choose options 1 or 2 should be viewed negatively. They are the ones that you don't tolerate. I don't think Sun has ever opted for choices 1 or 2, and I think they "get it", which is why they abide and even help the Linux community, etc.

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