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Submission + - Attention White-Collar Workers: The Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs (npr.org) 1

Axigrav writes: Unlike the past when people moved into new job roles when new technologies took away their old roles, Martin Ford implies that in the future there will be no jobs for us. In the Podcast Ford says, "You can think of information technology today as being almost like a utility. It's almost like electricity, except rather than delivering electrical power it actually delivers, in some sense, machine intelligence. It's delivering the ability to actually make decisions, solve problems, and most importantly to learn. You know, to have algorithms that actually learn and get better and better. That is really unprecedented." Technology is taking over everything from checkout lanes and farming to writing news stories and generating original works of art (music and paintings). Just as nothing in the world is black and white, there are many angles to this story from politics and sociology to technology and the economy. Would the economy support "robots" making stuff to sell to those that don't have jobs to pay for the stuff? This spawns from my mind so many sci-fi movie references that I have to bite my tongue. You'll see the references all just as fast anyhow... and maybe come up with a few new story concepts yourself. Don't forget to check out the discussions at the end. I'd be surprised if many of the comments are not from /. users. [Note: The Podcast is maybe more important than the article.]

Comment Re:real children + real pornongraphy = ??? (Score 1) 639

And if they are public photographs there is no reason they need to give consent for their use. Don't confuse consent for usage of ordinary public photographs with consent for participating in pornography.

This right here scares me. I suppose I could try to be 'William Forrester' and never leave my home, paying for people to bring all my 'needs' to me. However, real life dictates that I must leave my home and go out into 'public' to lead a somewhat civilized life.

So if someone takes a picture of me out in public, are you saying that they can do anything they want with that photo of me without my consent?

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