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Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 2) 126

In a system of Capitalism, anything is possible. Especially when the kindergartner has parents who themselves are rich enough to buy them a good private education or well educated enough to provide their children with one themselves.


Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 2) 126

These sorts of programs should not be Federal.

Because computer science is different for citizens of Kansas than it is for Citizens of California? Because children in Wyoming won't ever need to code, but children in New York might? Even my grandfather had to leave Nebraska because the farm was going to his older brother(s) and he needed skills that would help him on his own in places where he could get a job.

I can understand pushing some things down to states if anyone who isn't corrupt is genuinely interested in the welfare of individual states, but education seems universal.

Comment Re: Good start (Score 2) 126

We have bred and continue to breed horses, domestic pets and a variety of food crops for thousands of years, both before the theory of evolution was condensed into science and afterwards, even by those who reject it.

There are a few fields where the theory of evolution is going to be a requirement, or at least a really good rationalization consistent with evolution but acceptable to your particular bogeyman. The majority can get away without it, and the more you try to force these people into your view, the more obstinate they will become. They are wrong, we all know it, we don't have to point it out all the time.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 126

Now, we need a push so that kids the math, writing and science skills they'll need because the schools are failing horribly at those - especially science. What good is them learning to code when they still come out of school thinking Evolution is "just a theory" and not a fact?

In very few fields, even science and technology, is an accurate understanding of evolution even remotely helpful. If you wish to believe that a magic sky man crafted you from earth, for the most part, it won't get in your way (provided you keep this view to yourself, your peers will certainly ostracize you for it).

Or coming out of school without the basic math skills to succeed in a STEM field.

Or the majority of fields that one can get a job in these days, or even the ability to comprehend and call bullshit on leadership which wants to lie to you for profit. Math is the gateway to reason and objectivity the same way that reading is the gateway to learning.

And this focus on STEM is horribly musguided. Everything builds on one another. Music and art education is just as important and helps with other subjects. Why while everyone in my data structures class were struggling, I learned it instantaneously by making analogies to music.

Bad anecdote is bad. Many of us comprehend these subjects without struggle or making potentially dangerous analogies. Honestly data structures is the easiest part of computer science, if you're struggling there it's going to get much, much worse.

And also keep in mind that compared to the general population, more Noble winners play instruments. Interesting correlation between musicality and scientific creativity.

Statistics is the liberal arts of math. It contains truths, but you have to be more careful with what truths you glean from it. I imagine there are a lot of correlations with Nobel prize winners beyond just music. This doesn't justify a musical education as a basis for scientific knowledge.

But is about creating a pool of low cost labor and not our economic future.

Yes. But then we do have a problem with a lot of people unable to get jobs (particularly people who got degrees in the arts), and if they are CAPABLE of doing the job, then why not provide the education to help them get there. If these jobs are high paying only because the information is hard to find or hidden away in caves by nerd-trolls to perpetuate job security, we can and should fix that. If these jobs are high paying because they are hard to do and not many people have the ability to do them, but the demand remains tremendous...then the salaries are justified.

And soon, computers won't need to be programmed, they'll be trained.

My college professor said this, insisted we were wasting our time learning to build or code things, we should be engaged in pure research. This was 20 years ago, he's still wrong. I imagine when I retire in less than 20 years, he will still be wrong. AI is nowhere near that capable now, nor will it magically inherit the complexity and improbability of turning corporate culture and brain damaged marketroids into code automatically.

Comment Re:I am amazed that there is no current limiter (Score 2) 235

There are some issue with the USB spec inrush definition that makes one want to tie fat traces between the power source and the USB port. There are ways of doing this properly, but almost no one wants to pay more than a fraction of a cent on it or become unprofitable/lose out to chinese suppliers, so shit happens.

Comment Re:Post-truth (Score 1) 219

No, I found it.

            n 1: someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior
                      (especially for the same criminal behavior)
        2: someone who lapses into previous undesirable patterns of

This is particularly true of SJW's, who have assumed the answer, mistakenly thought the world changed because they wanted it to (perhaps due to inaccurate Hollywood portrayals of America), and anyone engaged in this behavior is a throwback to a forgotten time. In reality, perhaps you are correct, we are not recidivists, we are obstructionists, but I'm fairly certain they believe the former.

Comment Re:Post-truth (Score 3, Insightful) 219

SJW's scream racism and misogyny so quickly and so easily that they have enabled actual racists and actual misogynists. They shouted down anyone who either used a mildly crude expression, passed on a bad bill that somehow was tied to an SJW interest, failed to renounce some other figure who they deemed badpolitic. They rage against everything from blatant rape to some very shady/everyone-was-guilty date rape cases, to the point where heterosexual men became afraid that there but for the grace of God, they have not yet ended up in prison for women they had sex with. Even mildly insinuating that you have moral or religious issues with homosexuality gets you branded a homophobe and recidivist.

Meanwhile the mainstream person, who may not share their particular zealotry but has what the majority may consider a reasonable view on these topics, become increasingly distrustful of anyone yelling these words out. Now, the Orange Enemy, himself labelled as a misogynist for things I personally think were mostly gross exercises of poor judgement and bad character, but not necessarily misogyny, is appointing people, and those words are being yelled, and we're really not sure if they are truth or just more shrill voices from the lunatic fringe.

That's another example of post-truth, devaluing statements to the point where truth doesn't have meaning.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 5, Insightful) 667

What drove that? Black racism and angry trailer parks.

Or put in a less insulting way, poor rural white men were promised the jobs they felt were taken away from them by ... everyone else.

None of which were served by Hillary's campaign strategy. Blacks were taken for granted, trailer trash were called 'despicables'.

"Deplorables" is the word you are looking for. It's important, because only someone like Hillary Clinton would use that word. It conveys a strong sense of rich, out of touch elitist, describing ... all other people. It just happens that this time she meant rural whites.

This is why she lost the election. Benghazi, email-gate, whatever... the republicans have been attacking her for so long, for so many reasons that most of us had tuned out.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Nazis were the ones using the popular media and personalities to silence and censor and were not the ones being silenced and censored

If you want to make rational discourse about the necessity of a eurocentric world view, go nuts. If you want to call people names, threaten their lives or otherwise taunt and torment them, you really ought to be censored if not jailed. No country will allow this including the US, it is not conducive to a smooth functioning civilization.

If you cannot refrain from mixing your rational discourse with your hate speech, then you still deserve to be censored. Keep it clean, and at least some people will allow your message to get out.

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