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Comment Re:Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score -1, Flamebait) 786

I think it just turns out that most guys are just assholes. Look at the Slashdot community as an example. You're about to get a *ton* of knee-jerk insults from the gaggle of dicks who frequent this site. If you were a woman the insults would likely be worse. "You can't tell me I'm not perfect" is the standard ideology around these parts.

Perhaps it's Gabe's Greater Internet Fuckwad[1] theory at work? Maybe we need to teach proper philosophy in school? I dunno. But humanity in general is a major let-down.


Comment Re:No, yes, and I think you missed the obvious. (Score 1) 383

How do you know that science produces something that is true? How do you know what you are doing *is* science?

That is where philosophy of science lives. It guides the scientific method. Just because science has made wonderful advances doesn't mean that it has out-lived the need to discuss what science is and how to apply it or approve it.

Science and philosophy still haven't solved the "demarcation problem" for example. And "science" can't. It's a philosophical question.

The two don't compete - they work together. Though for some reason modern scientists seem to think they can do without the philosophy...

Comment Re:Google did it (Score 1) 70

Most voice-mails are of *terrible* quality (listen to them sometime - people mumble, etc.). But even still GV does a pretty good job. And it does a very good job with numbers. So it's great for that person who left you a long rambling voice-mail with their phone-number half-way through. Oh - and the phone number will be "clickable" in GV to boot.

Comment Re:Can someone answer me this? (Score 2) 164

I always thought /.'s moderation system was pretty clever like that. It rewards commitment. Stackexchange has taken it a bit further and limits the type of things you can do until you gain some "creds" by participating on the site (can only mod up until you get the "right" to mod down). I don't know why these systems aren't more common? The childish trolls don't have the patience to gain trust and those who commit to a site are the sort of community you want to foster.

Comment Re:Give up "popular music" != calcify. (Score 1) 361

Ah, and *now* I find this paragraph:

"Kalia himself indicates the study refers to popular music and not specific genres or time periods with the title of his analysis: “Music was better back then: When do we stop keeping up with popular music?” It’s not that you stop listening to new artists or even discovering new styles as you age, just that you won’t care as much who is taking home platinum records and leading the iTunes downloads race."

That's a long way from calcifying...

Comment Give up "popular music" != calcify. (Score 4, Insightful) 361

I'm in my late 30's (*sigh*) and my music tastes have only expanded. Thing is - they expanded into areas that still aren't the current "popular music." It's difficult to tell how that would be represented in this report.

Granted I'm likely an outlier of sorts but it's not clear that the methodology would consider me such.

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