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Comment Re:No surprises there (Score 1) 161

I am going to assume that you are saying that improving an economy's efficiency lowers the unemployment rate rather than saying that lowering the unemployment rate improves an economy's efficiency because otherwise you are talking nonsense. Your argument is that the economy is a zero-sum game, for business A to be successful it must reduce the success of business B. This is false.

Comment Re:No surprises there (Score 1) 161

The jobs you provided came from your revenues, and those revenues took away from other businesses, so you stole jobs rather than creating them (not destroyed; instead of 1,000 new employees at Verizon, there were 1,000 employees at NewMobile)

And there is where your whole argument falls apart, if NewMobile employed 1,000 people off of that revenue, Verizon would have employed a significantly smaller number. All of the statistics show that small businesses employ more people per dollar of revenue than big businesses.

Comment Re:Encouraging Whistleblowers? (Score 1) 231

There were no "Watergate Papers". You are combining the "Pentagon Papers", which were about U.S. involvement in Vietnam under LBJ, with the Watergate scandal, which involved an illegal attempt by members of the Nixon Administration to obtain information about the Democratic strategy in the 1972 Presidential campaign. Woodward and Bernstein had nothing to do with revealing the "Pentagon Papers". Woodward and Bernstein got their information on the Watergate scandal from a disgruntled high level member of the FBI who wanted to get revenge on Nixon for not making him the head of the FBI.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 64

I really don't know what the value of LinkedIn is to SalesForce, but it is something they cannot get any other way. That makes its value higher than it would otherwise be. Of course, you may be correct that $26 billion is too high. I suspect that Microsoft's thinking was that no price was too high to obtain LinkedIn since, by acquiring LinkedIn they gained something they could not get in any other way. The problem with that from my perspective is that LinkedIn is less useful with MS owning it.

I suspect that MS thinks they can combine LinkedIn with Yammer to create something that will compete with Facebook (although not directly). It won't work.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 64

I actually see the value of LinkedIn to SalesForce. There is a potential synergy (I know a much overused word) there that brings benefit to SalesForce, their customers and some percentage of LinkedIn users. With Microsoft buying LinkedIn all of the benefits go to Microsoft (and possibly a fraction of their customers). LinkedIn users gain nothing from Microsoft buying LinkedIn.

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