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Submission + - big blasts from the past: hardware hall of fame (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: "New products come and go, but only a few examples of computer hardware stand the test of time as equipment that first resets its product space and then just keeps chugging along even as imitators and improvements follow. Eric Knorr amd his InfoWorld colleagues pick the dozen most enduring computer hardware of all time, from mainframes and minis to PCs and PDAs. Indulge in a little nostalgia."
The Internet

Submission + - Conf. Bd Admits Plagiarism, Pulls Copyright Report

An anonymous reader writes: The Conference Board of Canada has withdrawn all three reports on intellectual property after allegations this week by Michael Geist of plagiarism. The organization now admits that its report on copyright was plagiarized from U.S. copyright lobby groups.

Submission + - Stupid Burglar Nabbed by Backup Program (perens.com)

Bruce Perens writes: "A Berkeley, California, burglar engineered his own arrest, and that of his girlfriend, when he stole a laptop and used it as his personal computer. He didn't realize that the laptop had an automatic backup program, and that the photos he took were being copied to his victim's backup repository. Berkeley police recognized him, and his location, from the photos."

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