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Submission + - Sound as the new illegal narcotic? (

ehrichweiss writes: News 9 in Oklahoma City has a nonsense story about how the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is warning parents and teachers of a new threat to our children: sounds. Apparently kids are now discovering binaural beats and using them to get "physiological effects". The report goes on with everyone suggesting that they will act as a gateway to drug usage and even has one student claiming there are "demons" involved. Anyone who has used one of those light/sound machines knows all about the effects that these sounds will give and to state that they will lead kids to do drugs is nonsense at best. It seems the trend in scaring the citizens with a made-up problem has gone to the next level. As someone who has been experimenting with binaural beats for meditation and even to improve study/learning for almost 20 years, I find it surprising the Bureau of Narcotics, teachers, principals, parents and reporters couldn't do a little research to discover exactly how long these things have been around and how harmless they really are.

Submission + - Top 10 things Hollywood thinks computers can do ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: From blowing up your keyboards to developing a malignant sentience, Expert Reveiws rounds up the things that movie makers believe computers can do, even though they use the same technology every day to write scripts.

Submission + - 2007 in Review: 3 modest but pleasant surprises (

An anonymous reader writes: The Financial Times' New Economy 2007 Year in Review by James Boyle is actually a listing of 3 modest tech policy surprises in "an otherwise grim year" My favorite was Number 3. US Presidential Hopefuls Discover Technology:
"One would not think this would be a great year for science and technology. The Republican candidates are under pressure from their base to claim that they believe in neither evolution nor human-caused climate change. (Perhaps burning copies of The Origin of the Species will provide the alternative energy source we need?) Where is the advantage for the Democratic contenders in having a science and technology policy more extensive than "we believe in it"? Yet many candidates from both parties actually have positions on complex issues such as "net neutrality"...."

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Submission + - RIPE 55 meeting ending in surprise

dysfunct writes: The closing plenary of the RIPE 55 meeting in Amsterdam held a big surprise for the participants: A secret working group had formed to perform a very emotional parody of the song "American Pie" about the future of IPv4 and IPv6. A video of the performance is available on and currently making its rounds through mailboxes.
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Journal SPAM: Slashdot Limerick 5

Today's xkcd is a limerick about slashdot:

I used to find slashdot delightful,
But my feelings of late are more spiteful;
My comments sarcastic
The iconoclastic
Keep modding to plus five (insightful)

But you really ought to go see it in all its stick figure goodness.

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Submission + - Trials of the Hogwarts IT director

netbuzz writes: "Details have now come to light of the little-known effort to create a sophisticated computer network at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the mid-1990s. Those details are in the recently found resignation memo from the short-lived project's ill-starred director of information technology, J.W. Coxrid, to then-headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Think magic run amok.

From the letter: "I have done all I can, Headmaster. I'm afraid that despite my best efforts, Hogwarts IT communications infrastructure will remain dependent on owls, talking letters, the use of Floo powder and a fireplace "network" — and, of course, divinations, dreams and visions." rts-it-director.html?ts0hb=&story=ab5_harrypotter"
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Submission + - Guy throws pc off his windows, cops sympathize

Lisandro writes: "Reuters reports that a German man threw his computer off the window in the middle of the night, disturbing his neighbors who called the police, which promptly excused him, sympathizing with his technical frustrations. A police spokeman was quoted saying "Who hasn't felt like doing that?" when consulted."

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