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Submission + - Running out of Steam

An anonymous reader writes: Valve's Steam is great for Valve, and its not so bad for the users when it works, but what happens when it doesn't work? Well now's the time to find out because Steam is down, and if like me you haven't set up offline use in advance you can't use any of the Steam assets you legally bought and paid for. What really hacks me off is that if I was running a cracked dodgy version without having paid etc.. I probably wouldn't have any problems... apart from finding my legit clanmates online... It's DRM again, when things go wrong the legitimate users suffer, not the users the wrong side of the moral fence. How much inconvenience should legal users face when trying to use something they have paid for, when the dodgy crowd face no such penalty for being illegitimate? Maybe Valve are hoping by thier actions to entice a buyout bid from Sony. I would inculde a link to the Steam site, but its being DOSed by people who want to know why they can't play and a voulenteer admin is helping to calm things down and answer questions by locking every thread :( On a side note I'm the IT admin for a small company, and if I had all my eggs in one basket in such a vulnerable way as Valve seem to do I'd expect to be looking for a new job....

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