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Comment Not surprising, people who are usually excellent.. (Score 1) 179 reverse engineering and cracking tend to be extremely 'pragmatic' in their approach to creating software.

People are constantly confusing programming with software engineering. Look at Google for example, look at the design decisions behind golang. Google has lots of very smart people no doubt, but golang was designed around their pervasive weakness - they do not tend to be good software engineers (experience will usually lead them there though.)

Comment Re:Security theater (Score 1) 19

It's not security theater - it's not intended to make things 'more secure' - it's intended to allow enterprises (Fortune 100 types) to integrate their existing centralized key management systems into GCE so that they don't have two sets of keys, two sets of audit data, two sets of key policies, et cetera.

This will make it an easier decision for enterprises to push their key-oriented applications/systems/service-bus' into GCE. Previously this was a pain in the rear.

Comment Re:Not Client Side? (Score 2) 19

This is a move by Google to allow enterprise key management systems employed by big business to operate in the Google Cloud (previously a very hacky arrangement.)

I wouldn't be surprised, given Google's new focus on the Enterprise with GCE (note the leadership changes), to see Google Docs starting to embrace a 'bring your own' encryption feature set to its applications as well.

This would be a differentiator for Google as Microsoft's solution (RMS) really doesn't work well in this scenario and Amazon is starting to embrace enterprise key management (but is just starting.)

Google would be the first with a cloud offering, encryption integration points, and an enterprise encrypted document play that could be federated. The fear is, as some other posters noted, will Google commit to this or just do it for 2 years and then dump the whole thing?

Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 2) 523

The easiest distinguishing characteristic between a programmer and a software engineer - empathy for the people who have to test, maintain, document, and extend your code :).

I've always been surprised that people don't consider them separate things (programmers and software engineers) - so maybe it's just me.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 596

Sure, if that sensor reading went from 0 to 100% (or similar) and then stayed registering 100%. It seems very likely, given Tesla's response that there is a very 'human' curve in the application of the accelerator prior to the accident and then a very 'human' curve to the release of the accelerator post impact. Then, a surprisingly totally functioning and normal accelerator afterwards...

Comment " When will people stop lying about..." - Really? (Score 1) 596

People will never stop lying about things they think they can get away with - especially to avoid wounding their pride.
One of the few positives to the surveillance state, the constant tracking of data - is occasionally the ability to point out just like Tesla - "Uh, you're a lying sack of shit..."

Comment Re: slippery slope (Score 2) 822

That's not a particularly salient argument. Everyone would prefer that cars did NOT emit noxious fumes or gases; unfortunately it's not as simple a solution as banning smoking in public - ergo, we regular car emissions, and we're clearly moving towards vehicles that do not emit exhaust or only emit water.

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