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Submission + - Judge rules API's can not be copyrighted (

Asmodae writes: Judge Alsup in the Google vs Oracle case has finally issued his ruling on the issue of whether or not API's can be copyrighted. That ruling is resounding no. In some fairly clear language the judge says:"a utilitarian and functional set of symbols, each to carry out a pre-assigned function... Duplication of the command structure is necessary for interoperability."

Submission + - Steam User Banned for talking about selling accoun (

Asmodae writes: Ars Reports on a Steam user who talked about selling his account and had his account banned. He also had his library of games confiscated in the deal estimated at around $1800 (actual money paid is probably much less due to sales, etc). Moral of the story: Don't annoy Valve if you use Steam.

Submission + - The end of the free and open internet begins. (

Asmodae writes: In the past the administration has played it safe and not gotten involved with user level copyright infringement. Probably on the premise that the small time users are not that big a factor in the grand scheme of things. This is a shift in the public position of the executive branch and has truly frightening consequences.

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