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Submission + - The Space Sim might make a comeback (arstechnica.com)

Asmodae writes: Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander fame, has a new project out to reinvent the space simulation genre. The videos on the project's home page sport some seriously impressive flight control and physics modeling for a space sim. They are eschewing publishers and using crowd funding to raise development money, but have decided to roll their own instead of using kickstarter. While this has apparently lead to a few technical issues, the project's site is fine now. Here's hoping for a great new space sim!

Submission + - Nasa Starts Development of Warp Drive (gizmodo.com) 2

Asmodae writes: Gizmodo has an article that reports on NASA scientist working to create and detect a warp field. The first experiment is small, a simple proof of existence. But he thinks it will work, and take dramatically less energy than previously calculated.

Submission + - Judge rules API's can not be copyrighted (arstechnica.com)

Asmodae writes: Judge Alsup in the Google vs Oracle case has finally issued his ruling on the issue of whether or not API's can be copyrighted. That ruling is resounding no. In some fairly clear language the judge says:"a utilitarian and functional set of symbols, each to carry out a pre-assigned function... Duplication of the command structure is necessary for interoperability."

Submission + - Man imprisoned for political speech (salon.com)

Asmodae writes: The end of an era. In the USA we can never again claim that we live in a free country. We always talk a good game about having freedoms, but now when our resolve is tested we willingly throw people under the bus of fear and paranoia.

Submission + - Alternative medice attemps to chill critics (discovermagazine.com)

Asmodae writes: Taking a page from Babs is one Stanislaw Burzynski. He runs an alternative cancer treatment called "antineoplaston therapy" and charges thousands of dollars for the privilege. From the article: Dr. Steve Novella, who certainly is an expert both in medicine and the misuses thereof, has some choice words about Burzynski and his ideas. So does David Calquhoun, a British pharmacologist. So does — at great length and detail — Dr. David Gorski, and so does the website Quackometer (and again here as well) and so does the Cancer Research UK Science blog.

This well debunked therapy has been blogged about by a high-schooler named Rhys Morgan, in a critical fashion and has received letters threatening to sue from Burzynski's clinic. As have a few other critics.


Submission + - LHC experiment detects FTL nuetrinos (bbc.co.uk) 1

Asmodae writes: An LHC Experiment sending neutrinos to a detector in Italy found a discrepency, the neutrinos were arriving early. So early in fact that they appear to be moving faster than the speed of light. They've done a lot of measurements, but the findings are significant enough that the researchers remain cautious

Submission + - Tevatron data doesn't match predictions (arstechnica.com)

Asmodae writes: Top and Anti-Top quark events in the Tevatron have some unpredicted behavior that might need a new explanation. From the article: "A number of theoretical papers suggest interesting new physics mechanisms," the authors note, "including axigluons, diquarks, new weak bosons, and extra-dimensions that can all produce forward-backward top-antitop asymmetries."

Submission + - Steam User Banned for talking about selling accoun (arstechnica.com)

Asmodae writes: Ars Reports http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/03/steam-user-violates-subscriber-agreement-loses-1800-in-games.ars on a Steam user who talked about selling his account and had his account banned. He also had his library of games confiscated in the deal estimated at around $1800 (actual money paid is probably much less due to sales, etc). Moral of the story: Don't annoy Valve if you use Steam.

Submission + - The end of the free and open internet begins. (wired.com)

Asmodae writes: In the past the administration has played it safe and not gotten involved with user level copyright infringement. Probably on the premise that the small time users are not that big a factor in the grand scheme of things. This is a shift in the public position of the executive branch and has truly frightening consequences.

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