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Comment Nope (Score 0) 30

Look, if you mean near-field power and communication devices, that's one thing.

But IoT is a total security nightmare.

And that includes your stinking FitBit device. And your camera-enabled fridge.

By the way, there's a rat under your baby's crib. A dead one. You should clear it up soon, it makes the baby cry.

Comment 599 US dollars (Score 0) 52

Your cell phone also probably costs a lot more to run per month than a Nintendo 2DS/3DS or Nintendo Switch does. Many cell phone games such as Super Mario Run depend on a continuous Internet connection even in single-player mode. This requires players to pay a cellular ISP for a data plan, which often costs hundreds of US dollars per year, in order to play outside the range of home or restaurant Wi-Fi.

Comment Re:Protip (Score 2) 52

They understand emulation. They also understand that legally running a nonfree game in an emulator in Slashdot's home country requires buying an authentic copy of the game and dumping it to a ROM image yourself, not downloading someone else's ROM image from the Internet. See 17 USC 117(a)(1) and UMG Recordings v.

Comment A lot of sites use Google services (Score 1) 66

the sites they are visiting independently use Google services in some sort of hosting capacity

This is in fact the case. One possible reason for this is that Google's AdSense was the one of the first major ad networks (if not the first) to support HTTPS, beginning in September 2013. Other sites are hosted on Blogspot or Google App Engine, or they include YouTube embeds, Google "+1" buttons, jQuery from Google's CDN, Google Fonts, reCAPTCHA, or Google Analytics.

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