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Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 138

What good is "running a couple of games at the same time".

Typically to do something during periods of quietness. Like, waiting for a queue to pop in a raid finder.

Regardless of graphical or computing power, only the active program will be getting input.

Works fine for me? With FFXIV I have a some joystick button bindings that work just fine despite not being an active window?

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 138

will be obsolete in a year or two?

When I bought my 780, and at the time (2013?), it wasn't nowhere even the best card and it's still not obsolete...

why would you sink 2x the cost of a console

Because as someone that has all the current generation consoles and just pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch, I don't see why I shouldn't have a graphics card for my PC that works well? I feel the limitations of my current graphics card and as someone that drives multiple monitors with a single graphics card, runs multiple games at times, does a little streaming, a little video encoding, a little 3d work - I just don't see why I shouldn't?

Some people seem to have completely lost sight of the whole point of playing games: it is to have fun...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't really want to play Star Citizen at 20FPS because I find the performance and framerate stutter to actually break my immersion and makes controlling the game frustrating. I don't like playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PS4 because the performance tends to drop significantly in raids when lots of effects are firing off and I am having to reduce my graphical options in order to make it managable at which point my enjoyment is diminished because even despite that, I find the frame drops and stutters really annoying...

There are games out there that will do fine on limited hardware doing few things. But, those games for some reason are of little interest to me and I genuinely don't find them fun.

Who in their right mind spends that much for a video card?

Me and I don't get your logic, it's flawed.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 138

People who have money to spare (TM)

I just get a 0% APR creditcard for 12 months and pay it back over the course of a year?

A card for half the price will play your fun game at 1080p/60hz while your rich friends enjoy 4K/120Hz.

If that's all you use it for, likely sufficient, yes. Although, when I already see performance issues in Star Citizen on the current 1080... I'm not sure at how much of a disadvantage those players will be at in the near future.

And yes, there is barely any difference.

Honestly, when you do a few more things with multiple 1080p monitors, run a couple of games at the same time, do a little streaming, a bit of video encoding work, a bit of 3d modelling etc. You tend to notice the limitations of hardware.

Comment Re:nothing had, nothing lost (Score 1) 491

You don't mention anything about a car, hope the places you go all have good public transit.

I don't own one and only live and work in places that have acceptable public transport (not really hard to plan for honestly), yes. I am going to be acquiring one this year.

Tools for your profession?

Even when I was doing hands on work, those tools were provided by the company. Unless you're a contractor, it's not likely you're going need those?

What's that! Oh right, you don't create anything of value, at least nothing tangible.

I sell stuff I can do without when I move. However, in my family where we typically move a lot, I know some of them move with a few more things than I do, typically using the postal system posting a pallet of things to keep costs low. Just make adjustments to the method that fits your circumstances.

Then again, you're probably not that interested in this life style, are you?

Comment Re:Stuck (Score 1) 491

how often have you actually met students that went to the point of contacting the organisations in the fields that they want to get into when they graduate and asked what they wanted minimum and what would be a recommended to obtain as far as qualifications, certifications etc. for someone with no experience for consideration?

I realize doesn't say what I meant. I meant to say there, was to find out what should they work towards for graduation rather than after they graduated.

Comment Re:Stuck (Score 1) 491

Did you grow up in the USA?

Nope, I grew up in a few European countries though, I moved around in my childhood too.

You must have been quite the visionary thinker and rebellious spirit to be able to make an accurate assessment of contemporary economic conditions and set off in a completely non-traditional direction after high school.

I know you state this sarcastically, but sometimes it genuinely feels that way when I look at my colleagues, which is the sad state of affairs.

Most kids in the USA are repeatedly told that a college education is critical to their future success.

It really is the same thing over here in Europe. Yet, when you look at many who graduate out of university with qualifications, they can't even get work most of the time unless they some how managed to land a summer job in a related field (in which case they can sneak into the industry through claiming 'experience', which often isn't even dependant at all on their university qualfiications).

For the vast majority of people, the only options are taking on debt or serving in the military for a few years.

I have a friend in New York who is took the same path I did, which is to get a couple of certifications in the fields he wants to work in (that can be done in a month of intense study) in rather than spending years in university and he's been very succesful too.

but I think it's a little harsh to blame people for the "stupid decision" of going to college when they've endured years of well-meaning propaganda telling them it's the right thing to do.

Honestly, the typical situation I see is that people don't even know what they want to do, so they don't setup plans to work towards anything, which leads to this very problem. Universities are great, but if you say "Imma study computers", get into computer science and then get confused why you can't get a job in network administration because you've got a qualification that gives you practical knowledge for research work but are missing the science degrees to be accepted in any research institute and some how expected that it should be enough to get a network administration job with no experience or knowledge... Sorry, but, I wouldn't say these people are blameless.

The "well-meaning propoganda" also wants you to think about what you want to do and plan ahead for it, along with doing basic research, which is something I did thanks to that propoganda (but something I find next to nobody else does in my generation). Now, of course I'm generalizing here, but, how often have you actually met students that went to the point of contacting the organisations in the fields that they want to get into when they graduate and asked what they wanted minimum and what would be a recommended to obtain as far as qualifications, certifications etc. for someone with no experience for consideration?

Of all the companies I talked to, none of them told me to get an "computer science degree", "arts degree" nor "women's studies" (why are "women's studies" even so popular in the UK and Belgium right now?).

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