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Comment Re:ACA (Score 1) 456

Universal anything is a bad idea

I honestly thought he BlackBerry Message Center was a brilliant idea. Providing an API directly in the OS for your instant messengers to expose their contact lists and features to. Unfortunately, this is a feature on a very niche mobile operating system that is overlooked due to the popularity of the platform. I'd love to see something like this in Windows, KDE, macOS, Android, iOS etc.

Comment Re:The problem once was solved. (Score 1) 456

I had been doing fine for years with multi-network clients like Pidgin/Trillium/Adium

Why doesn't Pidgin/Trillium/Adium support Telegram? It's not like the client isn't opensource.

until semi-recently when big players started kicking 3rd party clients off their networks.

Telegram is a bigger player right now than XMPP, Sametime, Simple and SILC (supported by libpurple) and their client is opensource, they're not kicking 3rd party clients off and yet it is not supported by Pidgin/Trillium/Adium while these other ones are.

Comment Re:XMPP (Score 2) 456

XMPP supported almost everything except possibly real-time video.

XMPP sucked for a few more reasons:
1) It is traffic heavy.
2) Presence notification causes immense loads on large chats.
3) Often 3rd parties implemented support poorly (ie: Facebook, Star Trek: Online, AIM didn't provide federation support, limited client support, Google dropped federation, gateways often half assed implemented etc).
4) Didn't support websockets (had to use BOSH), although RFC 7395 has come to change it, it's a little too late considering people are dropping it now.
5) Not designed for mobile phones in mind, transitive states, notification systems etc.
6) This might sound bad... But, I really had problems finding a decent XMPP client that someone who isn't very technically inclined wouldn't find irritating to start with (compared to using Skype or Telegram).

Comment Re:What about WebRTC? (Score 1) 456

WebRTC is already used by Telegram, Skype, Discord and Hangouts. It's just a javascript API used by browsers for real time communication, doesn't solve the issue brought up, which is:

People desperately need a universal solution which is secure, decentralized, fault tolerant, not attached to your phone number, protects your privacy, supports video and audio chats and sending of files, works behind NATs and other firewalls and has the ability to send offline messages.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 1) 151

What good is "running a couple of games at the same time".

Typically to do something during periods of quietness. Like, waiting for a queue to pop in a raid finder.

Regardless of graphical or computing power, only the active program will be getting input.

Works fine for me? With FFXIV I have a some joystick button bindings that work just fine despite not being an active window?

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