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Comment NEIN (Score 1) 450

Not Arch. But I would recommend it if you were willing to dive into a world of fuck you, because you will eventually climb out victorious and full of knowledge. I'd say it's worth it.

Just don't be like me and accidentally delete all graphics card drivers, and be forced to download them through the text only webbrowser.

Comment Re:Is it creepy to anyone else... (Score 1) 103

Isn't capitalism-- the hope that there's resources on Mars to make a buck out of-- the only reason we would have for actually establishing a sustained/sustainable human presence there?

An insurance policy. Personally, it's the thrill of exploration and the unknown.

Comment There is no going back now. (Score 5, Interesting) 457

It's more sinister than that.

Consider a one year old child today who may grow up to be a politician, high-level businessman, civil servant, inventor, etc.

That child is going to grow up with his communications logged, messages recorded, phone conversations intercepted, and what's more all his porn interests, mistakes in teenage years, drug taking, cheating, law breaking, foolish racist or bigoted or cruel utterances, web searches, fucking everything.

Then when they're making something of themselves they get a knock at the door and someone comes in with a big file.

The end consequence of this project means that the intelligence agencies will become our permanent rulers. Not even democracy can overturn them because democracy's players, our politicians, have and do make mistakes, mistakes which are captured by the agencies. And any revolution would be thwarted before it even began.

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