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Comment Re:What is the surprise exactly? (Score 1) 457

No, I'm not worried about a boogeyman. I am worried about my country being at a disadvantage in a war. Cause, you know, they happen.

You can be an advocate for strong national defense (in both conventional weaponry, and intelligence and information systems weaponry) while also demanding very rigorous oversight of those weapons and the depts and individuals that use them. And the rigor and rigidity of the oversight should be proportional to the power wielded.

Sadly, the CIA (and NSA) have expanded the power of their "weapons" without anywhere near a proportional increase in oversight and scrutiny, as demonstrated by their brushing off of the attempted scrutiny by the Senate Intelligence Committee. More noise should be made by us, so that our congress critters actually push through the intelligence community's threats and manipulations, and establish oversight that can actually be effective in preventing abuses of power.

Comment Re:Smeagol (Score 1) 722

So you're saying that the US founding fathers - all well-educated and almost all well-heeled, many slave owners - in establishing laws that were significantly preferential to land-owners, were all the time rebelling against a thin layer of rich aristocracy with poor peasants underneath" ?!?

When you said "US founding fathers" did you actually mean "USSR founding fathers"?

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