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Comment Re:Nice! (Score 1) 251

Also I've been thinking that they left quite a glaring hole unprotected which is SSL (VPN/Tor can be filtered quite effectively, while filtering SSL makes no sense because it renders the Internet pretty much unusable).

An extra law must be enacted which mandates the installation of a government issued SSL certificate to properly snoop on all your communications, otherwise a single Google query makes you more or less invisible: SSL web proxy.

But then you realize that like with all dictatorships and oppressing governments it's not about law or security, it's all about total control.

Submission + - Google's DeepMind can now lip read four times better than humans

Artem Tashkinov writes: After training Deepmind on thousands of hours of raw TV footage, Google's AI lip reading algorithm is now able to annotate video footage with 46.8% accuracy. That doesn't sound like a huge feat considering that existing applications can now "hear" with up to 98% accuracy, however when a human lip-reader was subjected to the same footage, his accuracy was just 12.4%. You can only imagine the implications of this new invention in regard to mass surveillance.

Comment Re:Maybe true if you actually get updates (Score 1) 173

Due to the way Android works with SELinux that's enough to mitigate any problems we have seen so far. That's why we are not seeing vast Android botnets.


There are already Android botnets, specially in China where US Google Play is not available and local Android stores don't properly check applications for malware.

Also, in the three past years alone the Linux kernel itself has already seen at least three high profile local vulnerabilities which allow to get root even on fully restricted SeLinux enabled phone. SeLinux is not a panacea against kernel syscalls vulnerabilities.

Comment Yeah, really (Score 2) 173

Aside from the fact that millions of Android apps contain native code which is very hard to find malware in and now we have a wonderful Dirty Cow vulnerability which affects almost 100% of Android devices, which means a new update or install from Google Play will automatically p0wn your device for good and will probably install an undetectable/unerasable rootkit.

I'd love to think that Android is secure but Google chose to use the Linux kernel which doesn't fare that well vs. microkernels like QNX. Call me crazy but I believe the QNX kernel would have been a much better choice for Android.

Comment Re:Thank but no thank you (Score 4, Informative) 155

Numerous: 1) You can set thunderbird to only show text by default (so no HTML/JS/etc madness, no ads, no nothing, except what's absolutely necessary) 2) Your cookies are not shared with your web browser 3) Less chance to enter your Google password somewhere where it doesn't belong (various scam websites/DNS injection/etc) Oh, and make sure you use OAuth authentication in Thunderbird - but at least the first initial connection must be made with real Google servers ;-) It will protect you against rogue SSL certificates/MITM attacks.

Comment Re:The data economy. (Score 1, Informative) 155

free Internet services

Google is number one ad selling platform on the Internet. They are also number one search engine with no competitors in sight (bing is pretty useless for anything peculiar/professional/serious, yandex' cache is very small, baidu is only meant for Chinese). They are raking in cash even without selling users' data.

It's the "greed" economy, not "data" economy.

Comment Thank but no thank you (Score 5, Informative) 155

I knew this day would be coming a long time ago so there's a very elegant solution to this madness.

1) Use a separate IMAP/POP3 client (thunderbird is nice) to fetch your mail from Gmail
2) Make your Firefox clean your session data on exit (cookies, web cache, offline website data - that's enough)
3) Adbock+/Ublock Origin with anti tracking and anti social lists for good measure

This still leaves your IP address unprotected but if you're concerned enough, use a provide which generates random IP addresses or VPN.

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