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Comment Re:Thank but no thank you (Score 4, Informative) 154

Numerous: 1) You can set thunderbird to only show text by default (so no HTML/JS/etc madness, no ads, no nothing, except what's absolutely necessary) 2) Your cookies are not shared with your web browser 3) Less chance to enter your Google password somewhere where it doesn't belong (various scam websites/DNS injection/etc) Oh, and make sure you use OAuth authentication in Thunderbird - but at least the first initial connection must be made with real Google servers ;-) It will protect you against rogue SSL certificates/MITM attacks.

Comment Re:The data economy. (Score 1, Informative) 154

free Internet services

Google is number one ad selling platform on the Internet. They are also number one search engine with no competitors in sight (bing is pretty useless for anything peculiar/professional/serious, yandex' cache is very small, baidu is only meant for Chinese). They are raking in cash even without selling users' data.

It's the "greed" economy, not "data" economy.

Comment Thank but no thank you (Score 5, Informative) 154

I knew this day would be coming a long time ago so there's a very elegant solution to this madness.

1) Use a separate IMAP/POP3 client (thunderbird is nice) to fetch your mail from Gmail
2) Make your Firefox clean your session data on exit (cookies, web cache, offline website data - that's enough)
3) Adbock+/Ublock Origin with anti tracking and anti social lists for good measure

This still leaves your IP address unprotected but if you're concerned enough, use a provide which generates random IP addresses or VPN.

Comment Re:This is why Pixels will fail (Score 5, Informative) 197

Here's an incomplete list of devices which our-Androided Google who used to say, "Nexus is the benchmark for Android at an affordable price". Nope, this is not a benchmark, this is pure greed which will fail just like Nexus 6 failed (it was introduced for $650 and proved to be wildly meh for people who wanted to buy a pure Android phablet).
  • OnePlus 3, $400
  • ZTE Axon 7, $400
  • Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro, $389

Comment This is why Pixels will fail (Score 4, Interesting) 197

The features you'll get:
  • The biggest bezel to dollar ratio in the industry
  • Insane prices only rivaled by Apple which actually has a premium status
  • Very strange nerdy names, much much worse than Nexus
  • Look too much like iPhone 5(s)

Now at the same price bracket as Note 7/SGS7 here's the list of features you will not get:

  • Wireless charging
  • Dual front speakers
  • Dual lens cameras
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Rapid laser focus/Dual Pixel autofocus
  • Hardware HDR
  • Dual SIM slot
  • SD card slot
  • Meaningful support of any kind: a phone line, brick and mortar stores to examine the device before buying, etc.

Updates to new major Android versions will be ceased just 24 months after the release. Google is out of their minds.

Comment Re:WebExtensions API (Score 5, Informative) 208

It's also a massive security problem, having no security model.

LMAO. Pretty much all Chrome extensions require access to "all websites" and your "entire browser history" which means they can gather all your browser information, including keystrokes, aka passwords.

So much security, my ass.

Comment Re:WebExtensions API (Score 4, Insightful) 208

Yeah, this update kills thousands thousands of add ons, whiles many others will stop working properly.

Next on their agenda is killing XUL off which means Firefox will become yet another Google Chrome with a tad better cache management.

It looks like Google Chrome, it acts like Google Chrome, it is Google Chrome. Now tell me, what the reason for Firefox existence? Once a unique web browser with unique add-ons (NoScipt, Firebug, DownThemAll, etc), soon only a shadow of itself.

Comment WTF? (Score 0) 54

I downvoted this news but it wasn't enough. Will ./ announce various spins of various distros every day from now on? This will surely make ./ more popular ... except not. People who use certain distros are usually subscribed to distrowatch or their distro news website, while all others simply don't care and won't switch anyways.

  Is it a slow news day or what?

Submission + - How DOOM Renders a Frame

An anonymous reader writes: While the original DOOM defined the FPS genre back in 1993, the 4th DOOM released last spring pushes back the boundaries of what is currently possible in term of graphics and performance.
Adrian Courrèges presents on his blog a breakdown of the rendering process of a frame of DOOM.
The game is one of the first to make use of the Vulkan API and implements several state-of-the-art rendering techniques to achieve a staggering amount of calculation in less than 16ms.

Submission + - Google's DeepMind developed a new speech synthesis AI algorithm called WaveNet

Artem Tashkinov writes: To this date the researches behind Google's DeepMind company have been creating the AI algorithms which could hardly be applied in real life aside from pure entertainment purposes, the Go game being the most recent example, however their most recent development, a speech synthesis AI algorithm called WaveNet beats the two existing methods of generating human speech by a long shot — at least 50% by Google's own estimates. The only problem with this new approach is that it's very computationally expensive. The results are even more impressive considering the fact that WaveNet allows to mimic breathing, mouth movements, intonation and other features of human's speech, and it can be easily trained to generate any voice using a very small sample database.

Comment Pointless (Score 2, Insightful) 203

Google initially built its reputation by offering vanilla Android at affordable prices and that made Nexus 4 and 5 hugely popular devices.

Then for some reasons they decided to compete with Samsung and other big players by offering the largely insipid (in terms of features) Nexus 6 and it's not like this phone tanked, but it was several times less popular than the preceding Nexuses.

With the Nexus 5x and 6p Google seemingly lost the remainder of common sense by offering them at the prices comparable to first tier smartphones like Galaxy S6 or Note 5.

Perhaps Google needs to return to its roots instead of offering barebone phones (no SD slot, no removable battery, no dual sim support, very basic camera setup) for very high prices, since we already have companies which out-android'ed Google: I'm talking about ZTE Axon 7 and OnePlus 3.

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