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Comment Damn you Google (Score 2) 164

The Nexus 5 (2013), which packs in a Snapdragon 800 SoC coupled with 2GB of RAM and 5-inch full-HD display, won't be receiving Android Nougat update

iOS haters always say that you should only buy Google approved(tm) Android devices to stay up to day, and here it is, Google shitting on you. A perfect by today's standards device is no longer receiving updates because ... because nothing. An organization which earns billions of dollars every quarter cannot afford to maintain its older but perfectly capable devices.

Hopefully one day Android will become a true OS vs. what we have now: basically a heavily modified lego for each and every device. There's no Android OS which you can throw at a random ARM device and have it running with all the components functioning properly (camera, WiFi, 3G/4G, sensors, storage, etc.)

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 0) 511

Android is not Linux/GNU.

The original poster was indeed right, and you're clearly trolling. But then there are too many Linux fanatics on ./ so I'm not surprised.

Google may replace the Linux kernel on all Androids on a whim and no one will bat an eye. So much for a billion Linux installations. Oh, and Google uses their own heavily patched version of the Linux kernel. Show me the phones running the vanilla Linux kernel. None? Great, now fuck off.

Comment Re:Did KDE survive KDE3-KDE4? (Score 1) 511

KDE(5) is indeed dead.

I'm still happily running KDE 3.5.10. I know it contains security vulnerabilities but I have JS completely disabled in KDE settings and I never use Konqueror to browse the web.

Every time when I try KDE 5 I face so many visual glitches and inconsistencies along with a few dozen of bugs, I give up right away. Besides I cannot understand why KDE 5 needs two versions of KDE and QT libraries. I mean I understand that some KDE components haven't been upgraded to KDE 5 frameworks or whatever their name is, but KDE 5 is ... TWO freaking years old.

And let me tell you this: plasma sucks big time. It's a crashing monstrosity with monstrous memory and disk requirements. For some reasons some KDE devs thought KDE would be useful as a platform for tablets but I don't know a single person on this planet who runs KDE on their tablets. So, now we have this semi-usable crashing shit instead of something lean and fast.

On my new PCs I happily use more or less dead XFCE (not actually dead but dormant) for the simple fact that it's still maintained and included in distros. Of course there's Trinity but speaking frankly I don't trust it. I'm not in a position to audit their code (I'm not a C++ programmer) and some of their design decisions are simply horrible - e.g. they renamed most QT/KDE classes and added their own prefixes without any reasons whatsoever. It's not like KDE3.5/QT3 are still developed and there could be any conflict.

I guess the real reason for the renaming was that TDE's core developer was afraid someone would start stealing his code to patch ages old KDE 3.5.10. The net result is that a dozen of people in the world use TDE and most distros shun it. Had they continued patching KDE3.5/QT3 to make them usable again on modern Linux distros, distros would have included them right away.

Comment 1st world problems (Score 2, Insightful) 191

I can only say, fuck you.

If bringing in the car analogy, it's like people bemoaning the fact that automobile companies often refresh their cars ... every fucking year. Well, the truth is they really do, and no one forces you to update your car every 12 months.

So, moar stupid polls, more 1st world problems.

Submission + - Android runs on 98% of devices in India but is it really so good?

An anonymous reader writes: Overall if you compare your experience with Apple iOS and Google Android, which one you think is more suitable for the average Joe? What are personal pet peeves about each platform? Which one of them is more suitable for the power user? Which one of them is easier to earn money from? Which one do you prefer in regard to aesthetics and UI? Which one is more suitable to get things done instead of idly browsing 9gag?

Comment Q n A (Score 1) 141

> Have Slashdot readers seen any performance issues while playing games on Linux?

Which games? Most games for Linux are Indies and Linux runs them just fine.

Under Linux you won't be able to play the native versions of Overwatch, Doom 4, Quantum Break, or any version of GTA, CoD, Battlefield, Colin McRay Rally, Crysis, Deus Ex, FarCry, Hitman, Mafia etc. etc. etc.

Comment A sidenote (Score 4, Informative) 86

While I commend the guys at BitDefender for finding this vulnerability its severity as a tad overstated.

Most if not all virtual machines are not encrypted, so your hosting provider has full access to your encryption keys which means there are easier ways to decrypt/intercept traffic.

Presumably you can solve this problem by using full disk encryption but then you need to find a way to pass your encryption password to your virtual host and you will surely do that through the means provided by your hosting provider, which means your password will be intercepted en route and again your hosting provider will have full access to the disk image.

In short you cannot trust anything you're not running from your own physically secured environment.

And even in your own fully secured physical environment you're still f*cked.

Comment Don't trust (Score 1) 54

I paid those fuckers for access, never got one - all searches still return bare numbers without any data - "subscribe to see raw data".

My five (!) support requests remain unanswered (I sent the first one over four days ago).

It looks like they indeed have the leaked data, but they are not willing to share it with anyone.

Comment With no general AI in sight (Score 1) 178


What we have now is various AI networks/algorithms/etc which cannot reason, cannot really use memory (in a sense how human beings do that) and which are less "intelligent" than earthworms with three hundred neurons.

Which automatically begs a question: if a creature with 300 neurons is more intelligent than our intelligent algorithms then maybe we still light years away from implementing proper AI, aka general AI.

For some reasons media has conflated AI to general AI, but these two things are a hundred orders of magnitude different.

Comment One way ticket? (Score 4, Insightful) 224

That's what I foresee with the current technology.

Jokes aside, do we have to send human beings to Mars? What about sending robots first to build at least partially self-sustaining habitats? What about finding ways to protect people from the cosmic radiation during at least three years (x2) long journey to and from the planet? What about ways of bringing them back? What about the storage of supplies, more importantly food, for six years and the mass of a rocket? What about the loss of muscles and bones mass? Last time I checked currently we have no means of creating artificial gravity in space.

Dozens of very hard to resolve question and somehow Elon claims we'll have them resolved by 2024. Unbelievable.

Comment The greatest software project on Earth (Score -1, Flamebait) 178

which has very minimal, I can even say non-existing, QA/QC and no unit tests at all.

Not so greatest then, considering the number of regressions in each kernel release.

Not so greatest then, considering that people get tired of adjusting their code to new APIs which inevitably leads to even more regressions.

Not so greatest then, considering that bug reports in often receive zero attention and LKML posts are lost in the noise of hundreds of patches published every day.

You know, Greg, you don't sound convincing. You sound like a marketer of some dietary supplement.

I know this comment will be modded to hell by rabid Linux fanboys, but I'm just tired of this BS remarks made by open source advocates. The truth of course is a lot less exciting.

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