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Journal Journal: How to Troll effectively:

Heres are some simple steps that you can make in your preferences to join the revolution:

1) When you come across a consistent troll, make them your friend, so you can keep track of their posts.
2) Equally important, continue to make your friend's friends your friends. This ensures that once your Karma falls to -1 fellow trolls will be able to read your comments (see point 3), and the word will get out.
3) In your Comment Preferences, adjust the friend and fan bonus at +6.
4) In your Comment Preferences, adjust 'interesting', 'informative', 'funny', 'insightful', 'offtopic' and 'redundant' at bonus -6.
5) In your Comment Preferences, adjust 'troll', 'flamebait' at bonus +6.
6) In your Comment Preferences, adjust the threshold to 5.

This final step ensures that you will only read comments by fellow trolls, or that have modded down for troll or flamebait. You are now part of the revolution.

Viva la revolucion!

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Journal Journal: Why should I troll?

You're probably wondering, "why should I join the Troll Revolution"? The simple answer: Slash Dot is designed to reward 'insightful', 'funny', or 'interesting' comments. I ask you, do you want to be trained how to think by website moderators?

I say we use the system against them. If we band together we can choose only to read trolled comments, or flamebait, then their training actually promotes the free thinking conversations we hope to acheive at Slash Dot. Join the revolution, and find out how in my next entry.

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