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Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 247

I love SF and Baen was on of the first sites I found when looking for e books. His business modell was a bit wierd I thought. His idea was to offer works by real, popular, published authors free so that you could sample their works and buy other books if you liked what you read. It worked. I discovered authors I had not read before and authors I had forgotten. I read what's free and bought what wasn't. Seems to work.

Now other sites like are using the same model.

Comment Re:It's working great for me (Score 0, Troll) 465

My "Microsoft Security Essentials" include a wire cutter as in NEVER CONNECT A WINDOWS COMPUTER TO ANYTHING TO BE SECURE!!!

I just got off the phone with a client that was being forced to run accounting software on windows desktops by a vendor as a server (long story). Being sensitive data and mission critical, I had to tell them not to plug the windows computers in to the rest of the network. They have to be standalone systems.

Now is that fair?

No, but that is the only way I can give a client 100% assurance of security, given their long bad track record and current state of windows security. My client does not give a shit that security is improving in windows, or they are now stopping 90% of whatever, or the windows vs linux debate. They give a shit about protecting their data, and doing it as cheaply as possible (small company, tight budget).

Before anyone starts this "well any operating system is vulnerable" shit, I am not interested.

Comment Re:And the point goes to the criminals (Score 1) 194

The courts are wrong here and it does nothing but empower criminals and reduce the avenues of justice for the average citizen. This type of weakening of police powers is precisely why groups like the Yakuza are able to get away with so much in Japan. By skirting the very edges of the law, they are able to remain untouchable while those they terrorize are very likely to overstep their legal bounds due to the inability of the police to successfully remove the true criminals.

Here is the thing no one is a criminal yet. That is a foundation of our legal system. People are innocent until proven guilty. So this doesn't reduce the power of police over criminals. It puts in check the power of the executive branch with regards to citizens who are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This doesn't prevent the police from using GPS trackers. It makes sure their use is checked by the judicial system.

Your bad analogy about a crime gang in Japan is irrelevant. We're talking about the United States not Japan. Japan's legal system might let suspects skirt their system and the US might let suspect skirt theirs, but this decision has nothing to do with the Japanese legal system.

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