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Comment BBM (Score 1) 456

It's a shame BlackBerry dragged their feet on porting their BlackBerry Messenger to other platforms. They were the gold standard for simple secure messaging in their prime. BBM today is an excellent messaging system that nobody uses because they don't know how good it is. I had high hopes for Jabber er...XMPP but as others have pointed out companies couldn't figure out how to monetize it so they ultimately opted for a walled garden solution.

Comment Re:Simple errors with big affect (Score 1) 169

That is a VERY good question. I learned long ago that those questions seldom get answered here. They recreated each ID manually. Which generated a new SID meaning when they logged back in they couldn't access their old profile data. Yeah, like I said...fiasco.

Comment Simple errors with big affect (Score 1) 169

An AD administrator in charge of purging old user accounts was using a script to cull AD. He put an * someplace he shouldn't and deleted all the users in a sub-domain. That was a fun week. And I was still cleaning up after that fiasco months later.

Comment Re:Interrupted Trading (Score 1) 118

There have been no clear successors despite tens if not hundreds of attempts by some of the biggest players. Google and Microsoft have been pushing their offerings hard and they're not bad offerings. But the traders and brokers are stubborn and steadfast. They HATE change (but love volatility). It will literally take something like shutting down their go to tool for them to choose a new one. XMPP (AKA jabberd) was the clear choice early on but it still hasn't been adopted widely and suffers from the Not Invented Here syndrome.

Comment Interrupted Trading (Score 1) 118

While mainstream consumers have long since moved on from AIM commodities traders still rely on it as their primary IM client between brokers. And since trading falls under the purview of the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) legislation must be recorded. Although AIM has a conversation history feature it cannot be centrally administrated. This has led to a third party IM recording industry. If this change cuts off these third parties access to the server then traders will not be allowed to use AIM and there will be a scramble to find an alternative. Since Intercontinental Exchange's ICE chat already communicates with AIM servers many firms have moved to it. But this might also affect ICE chat's ability to connect to AIM servers.

Comment Re:Don't use Blackberry (Score 1) 92

I guess you didn't know all the other message services were already under surveillance. The only reason you heard about BB giving in was because they fought for years against it. So you want to punish the only company that actually cared enough to try and protect your rights. Besides BBM is part of BlackBerry. This phone is built by TCL for the newly created BlacBerry Mobile company which is not part of BlackBerry.

Comment Linux Distribution not OS (Score 1) 129

Google has done a wonderful job of obfuscation to the fact that Android and Chrome are Linux distributions not OSes. They both use the Linux kernel and Google's in house Desktop Environment. Does Fuchsia replace the Linux kernel or is it simply a new distribution with yet another Desktop Environment?

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