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The Courts

Submission + - RIAA's Bid to Stop Jammie From Objecting Fails (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's motion to prevent Jammie Thomas-Rasset from objecting to evidentiary problems with the RIAA's copyright registrations has been denied. The decision by Judge Michael J. Davis (PDF) held that 'The Court's Order granting a new trial in this matter granted an entirely new trial on all issues. The fact that Defendant did not object to Plaintiffs' evidence of registration in the First Trial does not preclude Defendant from putting Plaintiffs to their burden of proof on this issue in the retrial.' Judge Davis rejected the RIAA's contention that he could take 'judicial notice' of the validity of the registrations, since 'judicial notice' doctrine is only applicable to matters which are 'not subject to reasonable dispute'."

Submission + - Windows 7 up to 70% slower than Vista (

Barence writes: "PC Pro has benchmarked Windows 7 — and with surprisingly disappointing results. The magazine found that Windows 7 RC took 70% longer than Vista to complete a real-world Office 2007 benchmark. In most tests a clean installation of Windows 7 remains on a par with Vista, or at worst a few seconds behind. The news dents Windows 7's reputation as a slicker sequel to the often panned Vista."

Submission + - SPAM: Ray Kurzweil - the Singularity movie

destinyland writes: "AI researcher Ben Goertzel peeks at the new Ray Kurzweil movie, and gives it "two nano-enhanced cyberthumbs way, way up!" But in an exchange with Kurzweil after the screening, Goertzel debates the post-human future, asking whether individuality can survive in a machine-augmented brain. The documentary covers radical futurism, but also includes alternate viewpoints. "Would I build these machines, if I knew there was a strong chance they would destroy humanity?" asks evolvable hardware researcher Hugo de Garis. His answer? "Yeah.""
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